Bihar Board I.Sc Chemistry Exam Short and Long Question 2018 Sent up Exam

By | November 19, 2017

BSEB 2018 Chemistry Sent up Examination Short and long question. In the previous page, we have mentioned the Bihar Board Inter examination Sent up exam Chemistry subject Objective type question of Set C. Now going to mention the details of all the Bihar Board XIIth Sent Up (Pre Board ) Test Examination Short and very long type question which has been asked. Hope that students also wish to know about the all the Question of BSEB Chemistry Sent up Examination. First given the Bihar Board I.Sc 2018 Chemistry Short type question for 02 marks and then the long type of Question for 05 marks. 

Bihar Board I.Sc 2018 Chemistry Sent Up Exam Question 

From Question No 1 to 15 carry 02 marks each and are short answer type question.
1. State Faraday’s 1st law of electrolysis.

2. Write the uses of freon-12 and D.D.T

3. What is Tyndall Effect?

4. Halogens are strong oxidising agents. Why?

5. Name the vitamin whose deficiency is responsible for night blindness.

6. H2S is a gas while H2o is a liquid at room temperature why?

7.What is reserve osmosis? Write an applicatio of its. 

8.  Write is standard electrode potentials? 

9. What is standard Electronic Potential? 

10. Calculate the osmotic pressure of 5% urea solution of 273K. 

11. write the structure of all the isomers of alcohol having formula C5H12O and write its IUPAC name also. 

12. Differentiate between roasting and calcination.  

13. Define half-life period and activation energy. 

14. How will you convert methanol to ethanol? 

15. What is Henery’s law? What is cell constant? 

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Question Nos 16 to 18 are of long answer type and carry 05 marks each. 

16.  A. What is semiconductor? Explain  

        B.  Write the principle involved in the manufacture of sulphuric acid by the contact process. 


Q- What is Carbohydrate? How are they classified? 

17. Discuss Frenkel and Schottky defect. derive a general expression for the specific rate constant of the first-order reaction. 

                                        OR    Discuss the following 

A-  Aldol condensation 

B- Williamson synthesis 

C- Van’t Hoff Factor 

18. What haeens when 

A – Acetylene reacts with 20 % H2SO4, 80·c and 1 % HgSO4. 

B- Alkyl halide is heated with Mg metal in present of dry ether. 

C- Calcium acetate is dry distilled. 

D- Ethyl alcoholic iodized with K2CrO7 and cibc, H2SO4. 

E- Mercuric Chloride is mixed with caustic soda. 


A – what are ligands? Classify them as examples. 

B- The edge length of Naci unit cell is 564 pm. What is the density of NaCI in g/Cm3? 

Above all question of Chemistry short and long type has been mentioned. This type of examination question will be asked in the Board examination. Question format type will be same as given above.  

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