BSEB MB Alt English Answer – Bihar board English 50 marks solution/Answer 22nd Feb 2017

By | February 22, 2017

BSEB MB ALT English 50 marks some question answer is given here – Bihar board has been taken the exam for Hindi 50+ English 50 Marks from the student of Science Faculty. Here you can match bihar mb english answer

1- (B) People of 10 forget to carry something like an umbrella, mobile phone, books, cricket bat, baggage,  handy cheap, glasses, etc.

1.(C).  sympathy,  politeness with other and understanding of our own on limitation are the factor which produces good manners. Good manners are very important for a person in his life. These things keep anybody control and become humble, understanding and popular. Good manner impresses the other persons and it can make the situation in favour of him. Good manners become a civilised person.

2. The poem, Eco has been composed by Walter De La Mere. The poet describes it on his simple experience. In this poem, the poet Express his feelings on sounds that echo in the forest. He is in the forest and wandering there. Suddenly he says who called? He is standing but the sound return. So he surprised. He looks around him and sees the green trees flying birds etc. He looks no persons there but he feels human – sound there. Later he looks that birds are also confused his sound is received by the branches of the leafy trees and passes on to the sun. He feels that leaves are missing and the dark air is carrying his cry.  He thinks that some unseen persons may be behind the tree in darkness and they must be making the sound.

The poet does not feel have the sound Eco he is confused at the Eco. So we can say that the poet finds the mystery behind the Eco. It is the wonderful to experience for him.

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3. The Novel “David Copperfield” has been written by Charlotte. He didn’t name it is an autobiography of the author. He was born at Blender installed in Suffolk 6 month after his father’s death.  Mr was treated would become very sad because he expected a girl child.  later his mother marriage Mr Murdstone who was very curious to him. David was sent him old house your mouth he began to live there with her nephew and nice. Then he was sent to Mr Salim Ghouse David was pretty sure.

4 I)- Unless you obey the rules, you will be fined unless you ask for

Unless you obey the rules, you will be fined unless you ask for

Unless you ask him for help, he will not help you

Unless you invite him, he will not attend the party

Unless he buy the court, he will catch a cold

Unless you take medicine in time you will not be  cure

5. a- opposite cold opposite from for of Y over with

b- from

C for

D- of Y over with

e- by Y over with

f- over

g- with

6- a- vi

b- I

c- II

d- III

E- V

7 or

a- The father of man- metaphor

b- As slippy as – simple

C- A bed of roses – metaphor


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