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By | February 9, 2018

Well wishes to all the students who are participating in the Bihar Board Inter Annual Exam 2018. On 10th Feb 2018 (10-02-2018) students have been given the Chemistry Examination. After giving the exam students are searching for the Bihar board 2018 Chemistry answer, Bseb inter chemistry answer 2018, chemistry objective 2018 answer sheet & b.s.e.b board enter chemistry objective answer and bseb inter Chem answer key 2018. 

BSEB Chemistry Objective answers 10-02/2018

Check Physics Objective answer BSEB Exam 

This all are searching for analysis their marks for how many objectives they have attempted right. Hence bseb isc chemistry answer obj 2018, I s c objective chem answer sheet and inter 2018 objective chemistry help to get overviews in the marks in Bihar Board Chemistry subject.

Here check out Bihar Board ISC Chemistry Question and Answer 

Know here about the Bihar Board 2018 Exam Multiple Choice Question Answer – BSEB Exam 2018 Chemistry Exam Details  

Below is previous year Bihar Board Chemistry  Objective Question with Answer – 2017

बिहार बोर्ड इंटर परीक्षा 18 फरवरी 2017 केमिस्ट्री का कोई भी प्रश्न का उत्तर 

BSEB Chemistry Question 2017 with Objective answer exam

Exam on 18/02/2017 

  1. Which of the following oxides shows electrical properties like metals? 

Answer-  MgO

2. Which of the following is an amorphous solid? 

Answer- Quartz Glass (SiO2)

3. Which of the following aqueous solution solid have the highest boiling point? 

Answer- 1.0M NaSO4

4. A solution has an Osmotic pressure of 0.0821 atm at  300K. Its concentration would be.

Answer- 0.033M

5. Azeotropic mixture of HCI and H2O has when one Faraday of electric current is passing marks deposited is equal to the rate at which a substance react depend upon it

Answer- 22.2% HCI when one Faraday of electric current is passing marks deposited is equal to the rate at which a substance react depend upon it

6. when one Faraday of electric current is passing marks deposited is equal to the rate at which a substance react depend upon it

Answer- One Gram equivalent the rate at which a substance react depend upon it

7. The rate at which a substance react, depend upon its-

Answer- Active Mass 

8. For a zero-order reaction –

Answer- t 1/2 a 

9. A catalyst is a substance which – 

Answer- Shortens the time to reach equilibrium. 

10. Sulphide ores are generally concentrated by-

Answer- Froth Floatation method. 

11. Which of the following is Tribasic? 

Answer- H3PO4

12. In white phosphorous (P4) molecule, which one in not correct 

Answer- 4 P – P single bonds are present. 

13. The general electronic configuration of transition element it’s – 

Answer- (n-1) d (1-10)Ns 0.1 or 2 

14. The highest magnetic moment shown by the transition metal i o n with the outermost electric configuration is 

Answer- 3d 5 

15 What is the coordination number of Cr in K3 [Cr (O X3)3]? 

Answer- 6 

16. The EAN of cobalt in the complex  ion [Co(e n) 2 CI2]  

Answer – check below

17. A Grignard reagent is prepared by the action of magnesium in dry ether on- 

Answer – check below

18. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary alcohols are distinguished by –

Answer – check below

19. Ethyl acetate reacts with CH3 Mg Br to Form 

Answer – check below

20. Carbon atoms in the carbonyl group is 

Answer – check below

21. The reaction is called – 

      RCOCl + H2 Pd/Baso4 —> RCHO + HCl 

Answer – check below

22. Which of the following undergoes Cannizzaro’s Reaction? 

Answer – check below

23. What is the decreasing horde of basicity? 

Answer – check below

24. Aniline reacts with Acetaldehyde to form- 

Answer – check below

25. Sweetest of all sugars is 

Answer – check below

26. Enzyme is –

Answer – check below

27- Natural Rubber is a polymer of 

Answer – check below

28. Antibiotic used for the treatment of typhoid is –  

Answer – check below

Here Bihar Board BSEB Inter Exam 18th Feb 2017 Exam Answer key is given match it for your answer.

1-  B,          2-  B,          3-      B,        4- D               5-B,

6-  A,          7-   D,          8-  A,           9-    C,         10-A,

11-  D,       12- B,          13-  B,        14-  A,            15, A 

16-         17-  C,         18- D          19-   A          20-B

21- B          22- D          23-   C       24-  D            25-D,

26-  D         27-  B         28- B

The answer has been updated For All Bihar Board inter Exam 18-02-2017 chemistry Question. For more update about Bihar board inter annual exam 2017 Keep in touch with us & click on the link for the completed details of Bihar Chemistry Exam Objective type question and answer.  

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          PHY solve Pankaj Raja Physics Right Answer solve
          1C 2C 3B 4A 5C 6D 7A 8C 9B 10A 11A 12B 13D 14B 15C 16D 17D 18B 19B 20C 21D 22A 23B 24D 25C 26D 27A 28C

          Pankaj raja Biology Right Answer solve 1C 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7C 8C 9B 10A 11B 12B 13D 14A 15D 16C 17A 18A 19A 20D 21B 22A 23A 24B 25B 26A 27B 28A

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    1B 2B 3B 4D 5B 6A 7D 8A 9C 10A 11D 12B 13B 14A 15A 16C 17C 18D 19A 20B 21B 22D 23C 24D 25D 26D 27B 28B

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