Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-education vs Separate Education

By | August 31, 2018

School Education System plays a significant character in shaping the world for the better. Today when we see the gender discrimination, exploitation and various another form of inequalities. The main reason for such evilness in the society is lack of understanding about opposite genders. This gap can be bridged right from the school. 

There are two types of school provides co-education while others separate education. There are

Advantages and Disadvantages of co-education vs separate education

. We will discuss the importance of such an education system and will analyze Advantages and Disadvantages of co-education vs separate education. 

What is Co-Education or Coed?

Co-Education or Coed are the examples where both gender students i.e boy and girl studies in a single classroom.

Advantages of Co-Education

Respect for each other: students in Co-Education system get exposed to opposite gender students quite early. Interacting with opposite gender students develops better understanding between them which grow respect for each other. More often all the chaos among male and female occur because of the misunderstanding among them.

Easy to enforce discipline: The bigger advantages of Coed school being easy to enforce discipline. When the boys and girls both study in a single classroom then In such an environment boy or girl students will have to control their language and maintain the decorum of class. It teaches the very important lesson of controlling our actions.

Groom their personality: Studying in Co-Education impact positively on their personality. It has been observed that learning with opposite-sex students increases their confidence level. We know that confidence is important in accomplishing any tasks.

Positive Change in behavior: We all must have experienced that in the presence of an opposite gender person our behavior changes. Especially In India boys change their behavior in presence of girls. Co-Education system provides such benefits where boys or girls change their behavior positively.

Not only this girls used to be shy and reluctant to talk with any boy studying in such an environment provided by Co-Education system will let them learn to interact freely with boy students.

No gender Discrimination: Since boys and girls study together so they start to better understand and respect each other which leaves no space for gender discrimination. Especially in countries like India where gender discrimination is so much prevalent will act as a catalyst to improve towards a better society.

Learn to live together: School going students spend most of the time in schools. In Coed schools, boys need to spend most of the day with girl students and vice versa. So their better understanding and mutual respect will teach them to live together. Eventually male and female have to live together in the future so they can learn to live together in the early stages of the life.

Better utilization of School/Educational Institutions Resources: Having Co-Education system will not need to have separate teachers, school or institute hours or other resources such as Computer Lab etc. to use. Coed School or Institute can run swiftly even on fewer resources by letting both genders to study together. This will be a great booster for society as a whole.

Disadvantages of Co-Education System

Distraction: Biggest drawbacks of Co-Education System is more chances to distraction. Especially students in High School or colleges because those are the age where every boy thinks of having any partner while girls think same. Such thoughts can lead to distraction as boy or girl may get attracted to opposite-sex and if anything goes wrong it can lead to hampering their learning and distraction to study. In fact, not just in theory but reports suggest that Students studying in Separate Education performs much better in academics than Coed School system.

Involvement in non-productive activities: Co-Education System where boys and girls study together can be attracted to the opposite gender classmates. There is a high chance that students can give more importance to their attraction and personal feeling. Such attraction and feelings will lead them away from studies and engaged in non-productive activities. Such non-productive activities will not make their future. Co-Education System provides such an environment where students get involved in non-productive activities.

Unnecessary arguments and issues: Both boys and girls studying in the same classroom have a very different understanding and way of life. Usually, girls think very differently and different thought process than boys. Such differences in thought process and values create unnecessary arguments. The separate education system doesn’t suffer from such drawbacks.

Boys are different from Girls: Boys are usually said to better than girls in subjects like Maths. While girls tend to be better in subjects like communication skills in English etc. Consider a situation in a classroom if boys are consistently doing better than girls in maths then how maths teacher will come up with a solution to teach them effectively? Such problems are quite common in Coed schools while you won’t experience such difficulties in the Separate education system.

More attention to Girls: Majority of the boys are independent so they figure out their problems by own while Girls (Except very few) tend to be more fragile and they always need assistance. In such a scenario it has been experienced that teachers give more attention to girls. That made boys think otherwise.

Conclusion: There will be advantages and disadvantages to any education system, co-education or separate education is not untouchable. Our focus should be on the positives of any setup or system while trying to eradicate the negatives to make it more fruitful. 

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