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By | February 22, 2017

Bihar Board 2017 Intermediate Examination 2017 in English MAE MB Alt English asked 7 question which is given below. Students have been given some instruction before writing the answer of all the question. First of all going to share with you BSEB Alt English Question. We have also provided the Answer of the all 7 question. Students can find the answer of all inter 2017 English exam from the given link is given below. 

Write question number with every answer.

1- Answer any two of the following:  show how a person relies on the machine these days.

A-  show how a person relies on the machine these days. 

B- Make a list of things which people often forget to do.  

C- What factor produce good manners?
D- How had a photographer arranged his Studio? 

2- Write, in short, critical appreciation of any one of the following:  

A- The Soldier 

B- Echo 

C- Lake Isle of Innisfree 

D- Everyone sang 

3- Do you like David Copperfield? If yes, Why? 


Give the character sketch of any one of the following: 

A- David Copperfield

B- Miss Peggotty

4- Rewrite the following sentences as illustrated through examples: 

Example: If you don’t walk fast, you will miss the bus. 

                   Unless you walk fast, you will miss the bus.  

a- if you wish don’t obey the rules, he will not help you. 

b- If you don’t ask him for help, he will not help you.

c- if you don’t invite him, he will attend the party.

d- if he doesn’t buy a coat, he will catch a cold. 

e- If you don’t take medicine in time, you will not be cured. 

5- Fill in the blanks with appropriate proposition given in the bracket: 

( of, opposite, with, over, by, for, from) 

a- our house stands exactly …………………. the hospital. 

b- they escaped …………….the prison.

c- He made ……………….. the nearest road. 

d- How many ways …………….. cooking an egg do you know? 

e- I ran after him and caught him…………. the arm.

f- She has no control at all ………… her children. 

g- How are we going to deal…………… this new situation. 

6. Match the following words in list A with the Words in list B. Having opposite meaning. 

List A                                List B 

Latest                         Disappear

Appear                       inaccurate

Accurate                    Hard 

Soft                             Oldest

Ugly                           Beautiful 

7. What is a simili? Explain and illustrate with an example. 


Pick out the examples of simili/Metaphor: 

A- Child is the father of Man. 

B- AS slippery as eel.

C – Life is not a bed of roses. 

Answer of this all question click on the below link 

English question answer MB ALT 50 Marks 

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