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By | August 27, 2018

UPSC is most sought after examination in India. After all who everyone wants to take this reputed government job. As UPSC provides both respect and challenges so you should decide the correct reason for UPSC Preparation.

Best City for UPSC Preparation 

Many of us, opt to prepare for UPSC for the wrong reasons. In this article, I will cover the reasons for UPSC Preparation, Best City for UPSC Preparation. 

Reasons for UPSC Preparation

First thing, you will have to decide why you want to go for UPSC Preparation. Without a strong reason, it is nearly impossible to clear such a difficult exam as UPSC. I am sharing a few reasons

What you expect or desire from a career

A very first point, you need to think about your inner desire. Please stop pressurizing yourself with the desire of your parents, relatives or anybody else. If you are confused about the career choices then explore it, do a comparison with other career choices you have and make up mind completely before jumping for UPSC Preparation.


Understand the different educational qualifications needed for a chosen career.
Understand the various responsibilities and nature of the job you get after clearing UPSC.

UPSC Jobs seemed all lucrative and fancy but trust me it brings numerous challenges and if you don’t love such challenges UPSC Job is not for you.

You should desire to serve society

UPSC job is all about serving the society. If you don’t love helping others then this job is not for you. You can earn big money with other jobs but the primary focus of UPSC Job is serving the society. If you are so much engrossed with the income then collect the information of salary grades and once you get convinced then only start your preparation.

Mind to Start for UPSC Preparation 

Now, once you have made up mind to start for UPSC Preparation, the biggest question that comes in mind that where should I start UPSC Preparation, Best City for UPSC Preparation.

I feel for competitive exams like UPSC need constant support and guidance so you should consider such questions seriously.

UPSC exam preparation 

Although you can prepare for UPSC exam preparation from anywhere with setting clear goal and dedication to clear. But still, I will suggest going to DELHI. New Delhi is the best city for UPSC Preparation. The reason being New Delhi has many coaching centres for UPSC preparation. 

Best Coaching Centres in Delhi  


Chanakya’s Academy


Vajiram and Ravi coaching centre.

Career Launcher

Career shapers

IAS Study Circle

If you follow any above-mentioned coaching centers and prepare for UPSC with full commitment and dedication then definitely will clear the UPSC Examination. 

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