Bihar Board 10th English Objective Questions Answer 21/02/2019 || BSEB Matric English 1st and 2nd Sitting Exam Questions with Answer

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Bihar School Examination Board is going to conduct the Bihar Board 10th English Exam from all the students of Matriculation in two shift. Students have prepared their exam in a good way and they all are ready to participate in the Bihar Board 10th Board Exam 2019. 

Board for conduct Matric /Tenth English Exam in the Two Shifts. We have provided the Ist pali English Objective answer and Students who appeared in the Bihar Board Matric English Exam in the Second Pali they are searching Bihar board 10th 2nd Sitting MCQ Answer, Bihar Board 2nd Sitting English Multiple Choice Questions Answers. If you are searching for the same then on this page you will get all answer of MCQ. 

BSEB Matric English Objective Answer 2019

Students already prepared their exam for Class 10th with the BSEB Model Papers with Answers which help them to understand the difficulty level and important topic for their Bihar board 10th English Exam on 21/02/2019. Students already do practice with BSEB Model Paper of English and Sample paper with the Question from the Questions Bank.

Bihar Board Xth English Exam 2019 I & IInd Shift 

  • Board: Bihar School Examination Board
  • Subject: English
  • Category: Objective Answer
  • Exam Date: 21/02/2019
  • Answer Key Status: Update After Exam

As Exam got over students surely wish to know how many objective Questions Answers they attempted correctly and how many marks they will score in the Bihar board Class 10th English Exam.

How to Find Bihar board Matric English Objective Answer

  1. First of all, Log on After the Exam Over.
  2. Search BSEB Matric English Objective Answer First / Second Shift 2019
  3. The information will be show and click on the concerned information.
  4. The Question and answer will be given a match with Questions and Answer and which answer you attempted in the Examination.
Bihar Board Xth English Exam 2019

In the Bihar State, all district Matriculation Board Exam conducted by BSEB, Patna. Exam of English Subject will be conducted in the Two Shift one shift from 09:20 AM and Second shift at 01:45 PM. 50 % Objective Type Questions will be asked. Ten Set like Set A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J Questions will be distributed among the students. Students first have to fill Questions Set in the OMR Sheet & Answer sheet.

Bihar board 10th 2nd Sitting English Objective Answer Uploading below one by one 

Bihar Board Matric Exam 21/02/2019 English Objective Questions & Answer Ist Shift 

  1. The writer of “Pace of living” belongs to the tribe of ——–.

Answer- Fast Thinkers ( C )

  1. In the story once upon the time, the women are the daughter of …….

Answer- Slave ( C)

3 As per the essay ” What is wrong with Indian film” the majority of our films?

Answer – Visual Dissonances ( B)

4. The daughter in the story “Two horizons” learnt everything from her mother except.

Answer-Importance of wealth  ( B)

5- Quality is a story written by?

Answer – Anton chekhow ( A)

6. Substances causing a violent reaction to the human immune system are called ———-.

Answer- Allergens ( C)

7- When the author ‘Me and Ecology Bit‘ went to Mr. Williams, he was

Answer-   Burnning Leaves ( D)

  1. Tonny Morission received the novel prize in the field of

Answer- literature  ( C)

  1. Styajit ray is the write of

Answer- what is wrong with Indian films  ( A)

  1. In the story ‘Little girl wiser than men, the girl are named

Ans- Malasha and Akoulya ( B)

  1. The sleeping Porter is challenging the

Answer- The Mountain  ( B)

  1. As per ‘Acceptance Speech,’ the struggle taking place is Rangoon was for

Answer- Emancipation of human spirit from political tyranny ( A)

  1. In this poem ‘ Ode on Solitude,’ the poet draws beautiful pictures

Answer – A happy man ( C)

  1. Humanity can no longer be tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war was written by?

Answer- Martin Luther King Jr  ( B)

  1. Elderly people in the story ‘Little Girls wiser than Men were Ashamed because…..

Answer- Little girls became friends again ( C )

  1. Martha’s Chin was

Answer- Wide

  1. It’s ……………..that especially distinguishes the culture of India as per ‘The unity of Indian culture’.

Answer- Unity of People. ( B)

  1. During the first year of imprisonment the lawyer in bet …..

Answer-  Suffered terribly ( A)

  1. When the author of Me and Ecology Bit went to Mr Williams He was-

Answer- Burning Leaves.

  1. Who has delivered the speech the Unity of Indian Culture?

Answer- Humayun Kabir ( A)

  1. The Empty Heart has been composed by-

Answer- Perician Thuran ( A)

  1. Polythene Bags makes ……………… Noise.

Answer- Squeaky ( A)

23 – According to story Gillu, squirrels have a little life span of

Answer-  two Years ( B)

24.Gillu would inform by twittering

Answer- Chik- Chik ( C)

  1. The boy in the story Love defined developed cold feet towards tying the knot with the girl

Answer- due to the difference in their castes ( A) 

26- William gujj written the poem –

Answer –  God made the Country ( B)

27- The garden that burnt the heart of Koel is –

Answer – Green ( A)

28- The author of the story ‘ that peace for living’ enjoyed in a car at ……..

Answer –   Ninety Miles an hour ( A )

29-  Radha’s learns in the poem ‘ thinner than a crescent has created-

Answer – A River  ( C)

30- The name of Halki’s wife is January night was-

Answer – Munni ( B) 

Ans- It’s getting very hot today.

30 – The author of me and ecology bit used to meet people and create awareness of

Answer – Importance of Ecology ( C )

Q 31. His Mother was comforting  him

Answer – He was being comforted by his mother ( B)

Q 32. He is reading a novel-

Answer – A Novel is being read by him  ( B)

Q 33. Subham will be clean the class.

Answer – The class will be clean by Shubham. ( B)

Q 34. The master said to his servant ‘ “Close the door ”

Answer – The master ordered his servant to close the door ( A)

Q 35. The emperor said, “My wife beautiful”

Answer The emperor said that his wife is beautiful. ( C)

Q 36. He said . “I am planning to migrate”.

Answer – He said that he was planning to migrate ( A)

Q 37. I…..home before she arrived.

Answer had left ( C)

Q 38. Bread and Butter ……my breakfast.

Answer – Is ( B)

Q 39. It …. Hot tomorrow.

Answer – Is ( A)

Q 40 . He died …..cancer.

Answer –  by ( B)

Q 41. Three persons were witness…….that event.

Answer – of ( C)

Q 42. Look lll the child.

Answer – on ( B)

  1. Astonished ( A)
  2. Exception ( B)
  3. Circumstances ( C)

46- तुम इस काम को 4:00 बजे तक खत्म कर चुके होंगे |

Answer – You will have finished this work by 4 o clock. ( A)

47 – बहुत से पढ़े लिखे लोग देख रहे थे |

Answer – Many educated person were watched ( B)

48- मैं फुटबॉल से क्रिकेट को अधिक पसंद करता हूं |

answer – I enjoy cricket than football ( C)

49- मेरा वाहन चालक 4 दिनों से बीमार है

Answer – My Driver has been ill for the last four days ( A)

50- मजूमदार साहब सबसे वरिष्ठ अधिकारी है

Answer – Mazumdar Saheb is the senior most officer ( B)



BSEB Matric English Objective Answer IInd Shift 

Q1- In “The pace for living , R.C Hutchinson discuss –

Answer – The Agony of modern man ( B)

Q 2 – As per the Acceptance Speech, the beauty of the genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than –

Answer – All of the above ( D)

Q 3. In the story written by Mahadevi Verma. Gillus as injured by –

Answer – Squirrels (B)

Q 4. The first feature film in India was produced in

Answer – 1913 ( C)

Q 5- Prem Shankar is mentioned in –

Answer – Allergy ( C)

Q 6- Me and the Ecology Bit is all about –

Answer – Preserving environment and ecology ( B)

Q 7 – Quality. Is a story about a

Answer – Shoe maker ( B)

Q 8 –  What is one of the most remarkable features of Indian culture, According to Humayun Kabir ?

Answer – Underlying Unity ( A)

Q 9- Polythene bag when left to itself ….environment

Answer – Pollutes ( A)

Q 10- The story “Little girls Wiser than Men” has been written by –

Answer – Leo Tolstoy ( A)

Q 11 – Toni Morrison was the first ………..receive the Nobel Prize.

Answer – Black Woman ( D)

Q 12- Aung San Suu kyi’s Struggle was for –

Answer – Democratic Burana ( C)

Q 13- The author of the Bet is-

Answer – Anton Chekov ( C)

Q 14- Mahadevi Verma is the author of –

Answer – Gillu (A)

Q 15 –  Pope in the poem “ Ode on Solitude, Says that village get everything expect

Answer – Money from Tree ( D)

Q 16 – what is wrong with Indian Films has been written by –

Answer – Satyajit Ray ( D)

Q 17- In the Pace for Living . The author saw a play in –

Answer – Dublin ( B)

Q 18- The Duration of Love affair in the story ‘Live Defield was,

Answer –  8 years (B)

Q 19 – The only companion of the mother in the story. Two Horizon is –

Answer – Her daughter ( C )

Q 20 – Katherine Mansfield is basically a –

Answer – Novelist ( A)

Q 21 – Thinner than a Crescent has been composed by –

Answer – Vidhyapati ( C)

Q 22- Martha , had clear and ……..eyes .

Answer – Grey ( B)

Q 23- The sleeping porter, was wearing a ….cap.

Answer – Black ( A)

Q 24- In the Poem the Empathy heart the prayer was granted-

Answer- Seven Fold ( B)

Q 25- The ‘Koel is hidden in-

Answer – Mango Leave ( B)

Q 26 – The Unity of Indian Culture, Was a lecture deliverd by Humanyun Kabir in –

Answer – Baroda University ( B)

Q 27- In ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’. The post office was……….from Mr. Johnson’s house.

Answer – Two block away ( C)

Q 28- According to poem , God made the country, Our life could be sweet if we possess-

Answer – Good health and Virtue ( B)

Q 29- In the story ‘Once Upon a Time’ the women was visited by –

Answer – Some young people ( A)

Q 30 – Both  the girls in the story “Little Girls wiser than Men, had –

Answer – red handkerchiefs ( A)  

Q 31- Active Voice of ‘He was Scolded by the Teacher.

Answer – The Teacher scolded him ( D)

Q 32- Active voice of the Garden has been watered by the gardener

Answer –  The gardener has watered the garden. ( C)

Q 34. Saunak said, “ The Sun rises in the east “

Answer- Saunak said that the sun rises in the East ( A)

Q 35. I Said to her “ I am a good player”

Answer – I told her I was good player ( D)

Q 36. Naveen says to me, “I am your friend”

Answer- Naveen tells that he is my friend ( B)

Q 37. Early to bed and early to rise… a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Answer – Make ( A)

Q 38. Neither food nor water ………given

Answer – Was ( A)

Q 39. …. You hear him?

Answer – Did ( C )

Q 40- I Am always ….. your service

Answer – For ( A)

Q 41 He complemented her …new dress.

Answer – on ( C)

Q 42 A frog was found… the well.

Answer – In ( A)

Q 43 – Illustration ( C)

Q 44- Assistance ( C)

Q 45- Pollution ( D)

46- आप वहां कितनी देर रहेंगे ? हाउ टो टाइप हाउ लोंग स्टे केयर

Answer – How long will you stay there? ( B)

47 – मैं अपना काम आप ही करता हूं |

Answer – I do my work Myself .

48 – एवरेस्ट संसार में सबसे ऊंची चोटी है |

Answer – Everest is the highest peak in the world.

49 – वह कहीं नहीं जा सकता |

Answer – He can not no anywhere ( C)

50- जो लड़का तुमसे मिलने आया था वह बहुत ही गरीब है |

Answer – The boy who came to meet you is very poor.  ( C)

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For the Better Exam Preparation and understand the question difficulty level as well exam Questions Pattern check out English Model Paper which provided by the Board. Know about BSEB Xth English Questions Paper. 

Bihar Board Matric Exam 2019 Questions Pattern 

In the Exam, 50 % question will be asked objective type. Question number 01 to 50 will be asked Multiple choice questions. One questions there will be four alternative Answer will be given with one correct answer, students have to choose correct one answer. Rest of 50 marks descriptive question in the format of short and long answer type will be asked. 

English Class 10th Model Set 2017 

Tips for Students:

Students need to practice with all Model Set and Question which given them from their respective school and coaching centre. Below we have also provided the official model set for English.

BSEB Matriculation Exam Pattern 2019 English Model Set

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