Bihar Board 10th English Paper 2019 / Previous Year Exam Questions & Solution PDF Download 

By | November 4, 2019

Students of Matriculation Class 10 examination can refer these 2019 English Questions Paper to understand the type to questions, Structure of Questions & difficulty level. As we all know that the more you practice, the better you can perform in the board exams.

 Easy to avail Bihar Board (BSEB) English Class 10 Previous Year paper 2019 PDF we have provided to you with the solution for practice. Through practice, with this previous exam questions of English, you can become familiar about with the question paper pattern & Syllabus. 

Bihar Board Class Matric / 10th English Question Download

By doing BSEB Class 10 English previous year Questions has many benefits. Students are able to do time management of writing the answer in the examination. It also to know by the students that I know the answer to all questions but due to time I haven’t do. Hence Practice with these questions helps to how to write the answer to all questions in the given time, by dividing questions.

 Bihar Board Class Xth 2019 1st/2nd Sitting Question Papers

Bihar School Examination Board which is Popularly known by the Bihar Board. Board takes Matriculation Annual Examination into 2 Sitting. Here we have provided the Bihar Board Question Paper for Class 10 English Morning and Afternoon (2ND) sitting. Both sitting Questions Can download from the given link in pdf format.

Bihar Board (BSEB) Question Paper Class 10 English Highlight

 Board  Bihar School Examination Board, Patna
 Category   Download
 Class   Matriculation ( 10th)
 Subject   English
 Exam Name   Annual Board Exam
  Sitting  First & Second
  BSEB Xth English MCQ   Available
How to Download Class 10th Previous Year English Questions with Answer

You just need to click on Download on this page and get

Solved English previous question papers for class 10.

  1. Polythene bag makes …… noise.

(A) Squeaky (B) Chirpy (C) harsh (D) Soft

2 When the author of ‘Me and Ecology Bit’ went to Mr Williams, he was-

Burning fire (B) burning straw (C) burning forest (D) burning leaves

3 In the story ‘Once upon a time’ the woman is the daughter of-

(A)Merchant (B) Politician (C) Slave (D) A rich man

4 Martha’s chin was-

(A) wide (B) flat  (C) broad (D) narrow

5 The writer of ‘The pace of Living’ belongs to the tribe of …….. (A) Average thinkers (B) Slow thinkers (C) Fast thinkers (D) Good thinkers

6 Satyajit Ray is the writer of –

  • What is wrong with Indian Films (B) What is wrong with Indian Festivals (C) What is wrong with Indian Foods (D) What is wrong with Indian Books
  1. The name of Halku’s wife is January Night was –

(A)Chunni (B) Munni (C) Tunni (D) Banni

  • Quality is a story written by

(A)Anton Chekhov (B) John Galsworthy (C) Leo Tolstoy (D) William Shakespeare

9 ‘The Empathy Heart’ has been composed by

(A)Periyasamay Thooran (B) Keki N Daruwalla (C) Sarojni Naidu (D) Mahadevi Verma

10 According to the story, ‘Gillu’ squirrels have a life span of –

(A)one year (B) two year  (C) three year  (D) four year

  1. The sleeping porter is challenging –

(A)the forest (B) the mountain  (C) the river (D) the footpath

12 ‘Radha’s tears in the poem ‘thinner than a crescent’ have created-

  • A pool (B) a sea (C) a river (D) a lake

13 The author of the story ‘the pace of Living enjoyed going in a car at …

(A)Ninety miles an hour (B) Eighty miles an hour (C) Sixty miles an hour  (D) Seventy miles an hour

14 The garden that burns the heart of Koel’ is –

(A)green (B) thin  (C) dense (D) thick

15 The boy in the story ‘Love Defined’ Developed cold feet towards tying the knot with the girl due to

(A)difference in their casters (B) difference in their religions (C) parental oppositions (D) His dislike for her

16 Elderly people in the story ‘ Little Girls wiser than Men’ were ashamed because-

(A)Little girls were quarrelling (B) little girls were dancing (C) Little girls became friends again (D) little girls became enemies again. 

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