Bihar Board Chemistry Subjective question 2017 – bseb chem question paper 18th feb 2017

By | February 18, 2017

More than 12 Lakh of the student from the Bihar board has participated in the exam at the allotted exam centres around the Bihar. Result for dot in the website is the website who will provide the completed details about the Bihar Board inter 12 exams 2017 every detail. In this post going to share Bihar Board Chemistry subjective question paper. This question paper will help the students who will participate in the BSEB ISC exam next year. Many of the Students are searching BSEB Chemistry Exam Question paper 2017 which exam held on 18th February 2017. First of all here going to update the BSEB 12 Chemistry Question then we will also update the Answers of all this subjective question of Bihar Board Inter Examination 2017. 

Bihar School Examination Board has been given some instruction to the students who need to follow to write the answers to the question of Bihar board inter exam 2017. 

Bihar Board Chemistry subjective question paper 


BSEB has been Given 5 instruction in Chemistry subject to the student to write answers as prescribed. 

BSEB Chemistry Exam Question paper 2017

  1. Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable. 
  2. Figures in the right-hand margin indicate full marks. 
  3. Section II of this question paper consists of 15 non-objectives type questions having total marks 42. 
  4. The candidate has to answer all the short answer type question from Q No ! to Q No 11 and all 4 long answer type questions from Q No 12 to Q 15 in his/her answer book which is provided separately. Q. No 1 to 11 2 marks each and Q. No 12 to 15 Carry 5 marks each. 
  5. Write the Question Number with Every answer. 

BSEB 12th Class Chemistry Question 2017 

First of all, students write the answers of the Short Answer type for the 02 Marks Each. 

  1. Lithium forms bcc crystals. Calculate the atomic radius of lithium if the length of the side of a unit of lithium is 351 pm. 
  2. State and explain faraday’s 2nd Law of electrolysis. 
  3. What is specific Conductance and molar conductance? 
  4. Distinguish between Lyophilic and Lyophobic colloids. 
  5. Give the name and chemical composition of Important ores of Aluminium and Copper. 
  6. Fill in the Blanks- 

          (a) CH3 CH2 COOAg + Br2 CCl4/Reflux ___> …. + bO2 + ………

          (b) CH3 + CI2 33K/hy-> …..+ ………

     7. Complete the reaction –  

   (a)   <o> N2Cl CuCl/HCl ->……………+ …………….

   (b) CH3+ CH2+ Br+ KOH 

8. Write the name and structures of four isomeric amines having the molecular formula C3H9N. 

9. Name two vitamins and their deficiency diseases. 

10. Name the Monomer and write the structure of any two of the following polymers. 

 (a) PVC 

  (b) Nylon – 6, 6

 (c) Polythene 

 (d) Polyester 

11. Write the name of any tow of the following Medicines- 

 (a) Analgesics   (b) Antiseptic  (c) Antibiotic  (d) Antihistamine 

Above all question are short type answers. In next post, we will update more question of the Bihar Board Inter Annual Examination 2017. 

  Bihar Board Subjective type question of Chemistry , Chemistry bihar board question 2017 and BSEB Chemistry Subjective question answers 2017. 

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