Bihar Board Class 10th English Question 2018 | BSEB Matriculation Exam English Question Paper 2018

By | May 20, 2018

Easy to the preparation of Bihar Board Class 10th Examination. Here is some of the useful BSEB 10th Question. This question will help aspirants to prepare for the examination. As English consider of hard subjects, hence we have provided the details for some of the BSEB New Pattern English Question Paper. This question has been asked in Bihar board. Students can prepare for the exam in this way. 

Bihar Board 2018 English Question Paper 2018 

21. The poet saw ……….. Daffodils at a glance
22. Innisfree is a small………
23. What is the name of David’s house..
24. Mr Wickfield suffers from…..
25. David Copperfield’s aunties……

Section B
Q1. Answer any two Each in about 75 words of the following

a what view does the writer about memories of poets and politician

b how can we prevent war

c. what should be the rule of conversation

d. why was the purpose of the photograph vested

e why do people have difficulty in writing letters

Q 2 so that you have read and understood and you’re one of the following poems about 75

a. if

b Echo

c the Daffodils

Q 3 answer any one of the following word limit about 75 word

a discuss the theme, David Copperfield

b give an account of David childhood from the novel David Copperfield

c give a character sketch of David Copperfield or Clara Peggotty

Q 4. Write a paragraph in about 75 words on any one of the following

a population

b Rome was not built in a day

c health is a wealth

Section 5

Choose the most suitable option for the choice given

1 the doctor will be e examine is tomorrow. choose the suitable passive voice

a. He examination by the doctor tomorrow

b he will examine 8 by the doctor tomorrow

c he had a doctor examine him tomorrow

d he may be examined at the doctor tomorrow

2. He was given a price the teacher choose suitable active voice

a.  the teacher gave him a price

b the teacher may have given him a price

c the teacher will have given him a prize

d the teacher has given him a price

3. It was promised intact that hard choose the suitable for can work as work did work.

It during the rainy season rain is raining hard rain this is because I didn’t acknowledge

Question: 05

Somebody come here I do not know him

I will not know who came here.

know who came here

I cannot know who I have no come

Question: 06

A man the police arrested him.

The police will arrest a man who killed a girl,

Can be arrested a man who killed her.

A girl the police had arrested a man who killed a girl.

A man who killed a girl.

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