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Bihar Board in the exam asks two types of question Subjective and objective. In Subjective students have to answer the question in order to the words and Objective question they have to choose the correct option from given 04 option. Objective Question is also know by Multiple Choice Question. In this post going to provide the Bihar Board Chemistry Compartmental Exam question subjective. Below on this page, we have updated the many useful details for the students to download and get information about the Bihar Board. 

Bihar Board Chemistry Question Compartmental Exam  2017 

Students have to answer the question number 01 to 11, in short, there are two marks is for one question correct answers. 

                                          Answer the following question of Bihar Board Compartmental Exam 

Question no- 1. Write two important properties of ionic crystalline solid. 

Question no – 2. Define point defect. Why is Franklin defect product in solid crystal ?. 

Question No- 3. define species conductance and molar conductance for the solution of an electrolyte. 

Question no – 4.  what is the main difference between physisorption and chemisorption? 

Question No- 5. Write the difference between the following

(a) Flux and slag (b) Mineral and ore 

Question no- 6 How will Acetone be converted into chloroform? 

Question no- 7. How will you convert the following? 

(a) Formic acid to Formaldehyde 

(b) Acetic acid to acetone

Question no – 8.   Explain why is phenol acidic? 

Question no -9. Write hydrolysis reaction of sucrose? 

Question no – 10. Write the name of monomer of the following polymer-

(a) Neoprene (b) PVC 

Question no 11. Give one example of –

(a) Antiseptic 

(b) Food preservative 

Question number 12 to 15 are long answer type. Each question carries 05 marks. 

Question no -12. (a) Define osmosis and osmotic pressure. 

      (b) What is Galvanic cell? How is Daniel cell represented?  Write chemical reaction of Daniel cell? 


(a) What is half-life period of the chemical reaction? Write the formula for calculation of half-life period of first order reaction. 

(b)  5-gram urea is dissolved in 100 gram of water. Calculate is osmotic pressure at 27.C.  (R= 0.82 liter atm). 

Question no 13. Discuss the chemistry of group 15 elements with special reference to the following. 

(a) Electronic configuration 

(b) Oxidation number 

(c) Formation of hydride 


What happens when – 

(a) Phosphene gas reacts with the HgCl2 solution. 

(b) Ammonia gas is passed in nessler’s reagent.

(c) Iodine reacts with potassium iodide solution.

(d)  Sulphur Dioxide gas is passed in ferric chloride solution. 

(e) Bleaching powder reacts with hydrochloric acid. 

Question no – 14.  (a) What is ambidentate ligand? Give on example. 

                                (b) Write the I.U.P.A.C Nomenclature of [Co (NH3) 5(CI] SO4 and write oxidation number and coordination number of Central Metal Atom/Ion present in this coordination compound. 


Write the only reaction for the manufacture of: 

(a) nitro acid from Ammonia 

(b) Sulphuric acid from sulphur Dioxide. 

Question no – 15. (a) How phenol is prepared to form- 

      (i) Aniline 

      (ii) Benzene Sulphonic acid

(b) How does phenol react with- 

       (i) Bromine 

      (ii) Benzene Sulphonic acid 

(c) How does phenol react with – 

      (i) Bromine 

       (ii) Nitirc acid 

     (iii) Formaldehyde 


How is the following prepared from acetic acid? 

(a) Formic acid 

(b) Isopropyl alcohol 

(c) Methane 

(d) Ethyl alcohol 

(e) Acetamide 


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