Bihar Board Inter Science English 50 Marks Important Question

By | December 18, 2018

Hello, students Board exam is coming soon. Hope that you are busy in the preparation with the books and many of the other study materials. Here going to talk about BSEB 2019 MB English VVIP Question. 

Hope that Exact exam question format will surely help you in the better preparation of the Examination.

Bihar Board 50 Marks English Important Question 2019

Students who are going to appear in the examination, They all can check given model question paper. Here I would like to update students that In Bihar Board 50 Marks English Exam 25 Objective Question asked. Students are suggested to prepare the Grammer section also.

BSEB ISC MB English Grammar Section

Grammar in English subject help to score good marks. Students are suggested to give special attention to the Grammer also. In Grammer PRepositon and Active & Passive voice help you more to score marks. Many of the question in asking from this section.

Bihar Board Inter Exam English 50 Marks Question 

Please note Passing in the Inter 50 Marks is compulsory for those students who have taken this subject. We on this page more update about the Grammer related update.

Bihar Board 2019 English 50 Marks

Hope that this Bihar Board 2019 English 50 Marks Subject question help in the exam preparation. Presently we have just updated the question and letter on we will publish answer for all question.

Instruction for Candidates:

The candidate is required to give the answer in their own word as far as practicable.

Figure in the margin indicate full marks

While answering the question, the candidate should adhere to the word limit as far as practicable.

7.5 minutes of extra time has been allotted to read the question and follow the instruction carefully.

All question are compulsory.

Use of any electronic device is strictly prohibited.

This question paper is divided into two sections – Section – A and Section – B.

In Section –a There is 25 objective type question, each carrying 1 Marks Darken the circle with blue/black ball pen against the correct option on OMR Sheet provided to you.

Do not use Whitener / Liquid /Blade / Nail on OMR Answer sheet: Otherwise, the result will be treated as invalid.

In Section –B, There is descriptive type question.

Section – A

Choose the most suitable answer from the choice given below. 1×25=25.

  1. Rita is arriving………. at eight o’clock in the morning. (Choose the suitable Preposition).

(A)at (B)on (C)in (D) of

  1. I like to drink Coffee…………..the morning. (Choose the suitable Preposition).

(A)on (B)at  (C)in (D)by

  1. Where’s Sudha? She’s …………..School. Choose the suitable preposition.

(A)off (B)at (C)over (D)after

  1. Do you want to go ………………..the restaurant where we first met. Choose a suitable article.

(A)a (B) an (C)the (D)None of these

  1. He teaches English? (choose the suitable passive voice):

(A)English was teached by him.

(B)English is taught by him

(C) He was taught English

(D) He is taught English

  1. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. (choose the suitable active voice)

(A)- People will be speaking Portuguese in Brazil.

(B)- People had spoken Portuguese in Brazil.

(C)- People spoken Portuguese in Brazil.

(D)- People speak Portuguese in Brazil.

  1. Choose the correct spelt word:

(A)Almost (B)Allmost (C)Alimost (D)Alimust

  1. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase ‘take after’:

(A)Assemble (B)Dissemble  (C) Resemble (D) None of these

  1. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase ‘Do you away with’:

(A) Fasten (B)close (C)discard (D) do again

  1. You ……. Come with us if you do not want to (Choose the best combination of sentences):

(A) yet you are honest, I will trust you

(B)But you are honest, I will trust you.

(C)Since you are honest, I will trust you.

(D) That you are honest, I will trust you.

  1. You ………….come with us if you do not want to. Choose the suitable option.

(A)don’t have to (B) mustn’t (C) mightn’t (D) couldn’t

  1. If Rohan does that, Punita ………………… Choose the suitable option.

(A)Screamed (B) musn’t (C) mightn’t (D) couldn’t

  1. He spoke ………..Choose the suitable option

(A)quiet (B)quietly (C)be quiet (D) will quiet

  1. Mary makes …………… mistakes. Choose the suitable option.

(A)carefree (B) silly (C) be quiet (D) wrong

  1. Mohan was …………….. hurt in a car accident. Choose the suitable option.

(A)seriously (B) serious (C) be serious (D) much serious

Instruction: Question from 16 to 25 are based on the prescribed texts.

  1. The sentence ‘ Thus the world has now for the first time a chance of becoming a single whole, a unity is from: Choose a Suitable option.

(A)our own civilization (B) on Letter writing (C) With the Photographer (D) Forgetting

  1. Letter writing destroys ………………. Choose a suitable option.

(A)friendship (B)distance (C)relationship (D) intimacy.

  1. Good manners’ is written by Choose the suitable option.

(A) R. Lynd (B)A.G. Gardiner (C) S. Leacock (D) J.C. Hill

  1. I will arise and go now and go to Innisfree’ Who says this choose the correct option.

(A)Rudyard Kipling (B) W.B. years (C) Rupert Brooke   (D) Walter de la Mare

  1. Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay but educated in ………….. Choose the correct option.

(A) England (B) America (C) Africa (D) China

  1. Everyone sang has been written by Choose the correct option.

(A) W.B years (B) Rudyard Kipling (C) Siegfried Sassoon (D) Rupert Brooke

  1. Who is David’s primary good influence? Choose the correct option.

(A) Dora (B) Miss Betsey (C) Agnes (D) Peggotty

  1. How David end up at Miss Betsey’s (Choose the correct option.

(A)He runs away from home

(B) He runs away from Salem House

(C) He runs away from the wine factory

(D) He runs away from Mr Micawber’s.

  1. Mr Wickfield suffers from ………… Choose the correct option.

(A) Alcoholism (B) Cancer (C) Insomnia (D) Chronic illness

  1. Who begins the court David’s mother? Choose the correct option.

(A) Mr. Creakle (B) Mr, Micawber (C) Mr. Copperfield (D) Mr. Murdstone.

Section B

  1. Answer any two of the following, each in about 75 words of the following: 2×5=10.
  • What had the photographer done with the author’s eyes?
  • What does letter writing do more carefully in the past?
  • Why was letter writing done more carefully in the past?
  • Who, according to Robert Lynd, Need good memories?
  • What is our hope for preventing war?
  1. Show in about 75 words any one of the following:

A If, B Everyone sang, C Echo

  1. Answer in about 75 words any one of the following?
  • what happens when David arrives at Salem’s House
  • Give a character sketch of either Mr Micwber or Dora.
  • What was David’s relationship with Miss Betsey and how did he come to live with her?
  1. Write a paragraph in about 75 words on any one of the following:

(A)– A stitch in time saves nine

B – Importance of Education.

C-Knowledge is power

  • Water Pollution
  • Wonders of Science.

Advise for students: Please send your answer through the comment of all 25 objective questions and analysis your exam preparation.

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