Bihar Board inter Sent up Exam 2018 Chemistry Question Paper – BSEB 12th Pre Board 2018 Chemistry Question Paper

By | November 19, 2017

Bihar School Examination Board, Patna nowadays taking an intermediate pre-board test from the students who are going to appear in the BSEB XIIth Board Exam 2018. As you may know that the Bihar Board has been changed the examination pattern on intermediate hence you must be practice with the new exam pattern question paper of all subject. A huge number of students will be participating in the Board Examination. Mostly student of BSEB I.Sc are searching for the Bihar Board 12th Chemistry Paper, Chemistry question paper of Sent up exam & Bihar Board 12th Chemistry question sample. For the easy access to a download of The Bihar Board intermediate preparation question paper has been given below and the download link is also for useful study content. 

BSEB Chemistry Sent up Paper 2018

Below going to mention all the BSEB XIIth Sent up exam Chemistry Objective type question, Bihar Board 12th MCQ question objective type you may also search. Here is for all the students who are searching Chemistry Bihar Board MCQ Question Important. 

Inter Bihar Board Objective Type Question

In the sent up examination, there will be 70 marks question will be asked for an answer to write in this 35 question will be objective types. Students must prepare the exam with the below question format of Chemistry Inter exam.

BSEB Sent Up Exam Objective question 2018

Darken the appreciate circle by blue/black pointed ball pen. All the question are compulsory, there is no negative marking. In the following question number 1 to 35, there is only one correct answer among the four alternatives. You have to choose that correct option and mark on the answer sheet.

  1. In which type of structure, a NaCI type compound change into. when subject to heat at high temperature?

A- Unstable compound       B – CSCI Type

C – ZnS Type                           D- None of these

2. An example of an electrolyte.

A- Sugar       B- Urea    C- Sodium Chloride       D- None of these

3. Natural Rubber is a polymer of

A- Styrene      B –  Chloroprene

C – Butadiene     D – Isoprene

4- The oxidation number of Ni in  [Ni(Co)4]  is

A- 1                  B-    0               C- 2       D- 3

5- The Method used in purification of Bauxite is )

A –  Hoop Process      B – Hall’s Process      C – Bayer’s Process   D – Speck Process

6 – The reaction is called

CHCI3 + 3KOH + RNH2 → RNC + 3KCI + 3 H2O

A- Cannizzaro Reaction    B- Wurtz Reaction   C – Carbyl amine Reaction  D- All of these

7- Which one of the following is Lyophilize colloid?

A-  Milk    B-   Gum    C – Fog       D – Blood

8 – The molecular formula of oleum is

A- H2 SO4    B-  HNO3    C – H3PO3     D- H2S2O7

9- Arrhenius equation is

A –   K = A. e-Ea/RT           B- K = Ae-R/EaT     C – K = A.e-T/R       D – K = A.E – Ea/RT

10. (The name of gas which formed when chloroform keep in air)

A- Phosphene      B –   Phosgene      C – Hydrogen    D – Carbon Dioxide

11. The general formula of alkene is ….

A-  CnH2n     B – CnH2n +1       C –   CnH3n    D –   Cn H2n + 2

12. Which of the following metal is most abundant in the earth crust?

A- Mg     B – Na    C – AI    D Fe

13. Detergent is called

A- Surfactants    B –  Colloid   C – Suspension   D   –   None

14 . The molecular formula of soap is

A- C17 H35 CooNa    B – C18 H19COOH   C-  CHI3   D – C2H5CN

15 – For a covalent solid the particles which occupy the lattice points are

A – Atoms   B – Ions       C-   Molecules    D – Electrons

16. Which of the following has highest I.P

A – AI        B – P          C – Si         D – Mg

17. The number of chiral carbon in glucose is

A- 4       B – 5          C – 3      D – 1

18.   Which element is not involved in the group – 17?

A-  F       B- CI       C –     Br       D – N

19.  Which of the following chemicals are used as the anesthetic?

A –   CCI4                     B –  CHCI3          C-  0         D  – 0 0

20. The general formula of alkyl halide is

A –   Cn H2nX     B- CnH2n+1X  C –  CnH2n    D- CnH2n-1

21. The rate of velocity of the first order of reaction is 10 -2 minutes. What will be half life period?

A-  693 min   B – 69.3 min   C- 6.93 min    D – 0.693 min

22. The main source of Helium is …

A- Air    B-   Radium     C-   Water    D –   Monozide

23.    The molecular formula of potash alum is

A-    K2So4AI2(SO4)3. 24H2O   B- Na2B4O7

C – CH4                         D-  K2SO4. BaSO4.24H2O

24. The IUPAC name of

A- 2 Formyl benzoic acid       B – Formaldehyde     C-   Propanone      D – None of These

25.  The correct electronic configuration is

A- Is22s2 2p63s1     B- Is2S2Sp6  C – Is22S2    D Is2S3  

26. What is order of reaction in water H2(S)+CI(g) →sun light   2HCI

27. Which inert gas show abnormal behavior on liquification.

A- He     B-Xe     C- Ar  D- Kr

28.   Which of the following is carbohydrate?

A – Thymine   B-  Lactose    C- Glycerol      D- Insulin

29.   Which of the following is not an element of first transition series?

A- Iron    B-  Chromium   C- Nickel    D – Magnesium

30. Which of the following is not a condensation polymer?

A – Glyptal   B-  Nylon – 6.6    C- PTEE    D- Magnesium 

31. In a reaction, the units of the rate constant are equal to the rate of reaction. The order of reaction is. 

 A- Zero  Order        B-    First Order     C- Second Order     D –   Pseudo Unimolecular 

32. The substance which is used in exhausting fire is 

        A-   CHCL3         B-  CCI4       C- C2H5OC2H5      D- C2H5OH 

33. Alcohol is used as beverage in 

       A-  Methanol    B- Ethanol     C –   Butan -1 – 01    D –  Propane – 1-0  

34.   Which of the following has liner structure? 

A- N02    B- So2    C- No2+     D-O3  

35.  Packing efficiency in body control cubic unit cell is 

       A – 68 %    B- 32 %   C- 52%   D 74 % 

Above all are objective type question of Chemistry subject. This question has been asked in the Bihar board 12th 2018 Sent up examination. I wish to include also that now the question comes in the Four sets Set A/B/C/D. Students who wish to score good marks in Bihar board chemistry subject practice with more and more objective type questions. Because in BSEB intermediate Chemistry subject there will be 50 % question will become objective types. 

BSEB intermediate Chemistry objective types

Soon we will also update the Answer to the all objective questions. If you wish to share your answer of the objective type of Chemistry question answer you can do it through the comment with your name we will publish it on this page with your name.

If you wish to know any more things or have any query do it through the comment with name and email id. 

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