BSEB LL English 100 Marks Exam on 13th Feb 2018 | About Bihar I.Sc English [305] Objective Question Answer 1 to 50 |12th/Inter Language Exam

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Students of Science Stream must remember that on the 13th Feb 2018 LL English Examination will be taken from the Bihar School Examination Board. As students know that now in every subject there will be 50% objective type questions will be asked. Hence students are preparing of BSEB English Objective Questions, Bihar Board I.Sc English Objective Question will help students to score good marks in the BSEB Annual examination 2018. 

BSEB XIIth English 100 Marks Objective Answer Key 2019 

As we expect that after the exam you may wish to know how many Bihar Board Inter English Objective question which you attempted in BSEB LL English OMR Sheet 2018 are correct etc. A number of students will search BSEB I.SC Eng Objective question & Answer 2018, Bihar I.Sc English MCQ Question answers, BSEB Exam 13 2 2018 English Objective Questions & Answers and students who have to appear in next academic session examination they will get benefits of BSEB I.Sc LL English Objective Questions with Answers 2018 for better preparation of exam. 

Bihar Board Inter English 100 Marks MCQ 2018 

 Students must give attention on all Bihar Board LL Objective Questions 2018 which their teacher has suggested for preparing as well they find on various model question paper and previous year BSEB Language Exam English Questions set. Alt English 2017 Exam details After the changing in the Bihar Board 2018, English Examination pattern BSEB has also uploaded the I.Sc English Objective Question 2018 in Model question paper for know the changed exam pattern/format for good preparation of Examination. In the state of Bihar, English subject is considered as one of the tuff subjects.

BSEB English Objective Question Answer 

For analysis their performance level in the Intermediate 2018 annual exam 13th February 2018, On this page after the examination and collect question and solution we provide the Bihar Board English objective answers, Answer key of BSEB 12th Examination 2018 with question number and their option. 

How to Attempt Answer in Inter English Objective Answer in OMR Sheet 
  • First of all, read all the instruction which are mentioned on the BSEB 12th English OMR Sheet 
  • Use blue ball pen for color circle on 12th LL Eng OMR Sheet 2018 
  • Fill all the circle very carefully. 
  • Never make overlap of color on Answer sheet of English. 
  • Fill your roll number and roll code as well subject code very carefully. 

Before color of the circle on OMR first of all sure about the options because overwriting and using of Whitner is not allowed as we all time to time informed by Board through the notification. 

Please note: This is not any kind of official website, on this website this article is posted only for those students who wish to estimate marks in the English subject in MCQ after the exam.  

BSEB 12th English Objective Question  Answer – 2018  

For all question, Answer key Click here 

Bihar Board Class 12th English Objective Question Answer 

Question no 01 to 25 with Answer Click here 

26. Kamlesh has been ….. his house for a few days
Answer – repairing

27. Sita fell … the rickshaw.
Answer – from

28. You can do it ……….
Answer – Yourself

29. Choose the correct spelling
Answer – Families

30. What time does the bus … Center London? Choose the Best option.
Answer – Leave for

31. There is a house now far away from where once I received love’ – is from the poem:
Answer- My Grandmother’s House

32. The Soldier is a …………Poem.
Answer – war

33. Kamala Das is … Poetess.
Answer – American

34. Fire -Hymn is composed
Answer – D. H. Lawrence 

35. I celebrate myself and sing myself is written by:
Answer – Walt Whitman

36. The Word’ Drama comes from a … Word.
Answer – Greek

37. The snake looked at the poet ………….
Answer – Vaguely.

38. The Speaker in Fire-Hymn belongs to …. religion.
Answer – Zoroastrian

39. The Macavity is full of …..
Answer – Deceittfulness

40. The ScholarGipsy has been written by
Answer – Matthew Arnold 

Rest Question and their Answer result , 10th , 10th result, bihar board, result of ewnthupdated Below  Check now 

41. Seibiwa a twelve-year-old………..boy.
Answer – Japanese

42. Our ancestors enjoyed ………… Rule.
Answer – Home

43. Martin Luther King dislikes ………… Discrimination.
Answer – racial

44. Lomov is a man of ………..temperament.
Answer – Nervous

45. Bertrand Russell was a Philosopher and a ……..
Answer – Historian

46. ….. is called the father of the modern novel.
Answer – Richardson

47. ……… are rulers of ancient Egypt.
Answer – Pharaohs

48. Pearl S. Buck is an ……… writer.
Answer – American

49. I Wave a Dream is a speech delivered by ……….
Answer- Martin Luther King, Jr

50 – Nanukaka was the narrators…………….
Answer – Maternal uncle

How to estimate marks in English subject 
First, I would like to inform students that in the Board examination of English subject there will be 50 Objective type question will be asked. Below we try to make a communication about the BSEB LL Eng Exam objective question answer among the students who given the exam of 100 marks language subject. Among each other through the comment section students can share I.Sc Eng Objective Answer, LL English Objective Questions answers and Bihar Board inter exam objective Questions 2018. 

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Bihar Board inter English objective answer keys  – images credit – google &

Student Discuss Section 

Willing to know discuss the English exam with the other students then you can do it through the below comment section with your name and email id. We all wishing you best of Luck for English Exam.  

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