Bihar Board physic VVI Objective Questions with Answer key for 3rd Feb 2020 Exam Download

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3rd Feb 2020 Bihar Board physic Exam VVI Questions: Bihar School Examination Board, Patna is commencing the examination from the 3rd Feb 2020 and the first exam first sitting the exam is for Science Stream Physics Subject. Easy to understand the objective questions and prepare for the Physic Multiple Choice type questions. 

Bihar Board 12th Physics 2020 Objective with Answer Key VVI for Exam 

Here we have collected the very important Bihar 12th Physics 2020 Exam Objective Question & Answer Key for 03-02-2020 Exam point of view. This all Physics Objective questions are collected as per the latest pattern of Physics Syllabus of Bihar Board.

Bihar Board 12th Physics Objective Answer key Here for Exam 3rd Feb 2020

Bihar Board 12th Exam 2020 Objective Answer Key

This all questions is with the answer which is prepared from the various source by the subject expert and tutor. We are providing Multiple Choice questions of Physics for your preparation and practice more to the aim of helps you into scoring high marks in BSEB PHY 2020 Exam.

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Students who are going to take part in the Bihar Board Intermediate Annual Exam of Physics on 3rd Feb 2020 must to practice. I want to give one more good news that this year in every A to I Set 14 More questions will be added as for students to choose the questions for 39 and give answer 35 Questions.

Bihar Board Physics Exam 2020 VVI Questions with Answer key Download 

Q 1: The Intensity of the electric field at any point on the surface of a charged conductor is:

 A Zero

 B perpendicular to the surface

C tangential to Surface

D at 45. To the surface

Q 2: Corona discharge takes place:

A at the surface of the conductor

B near the sharp points of a conductor

C outside the conductor

D a the center of the conductor

Q 3: I. unit of self-inductance is:

A coulomb (C )

B volt (V) C ohm  D henry

Q 4: How many different residences is possible with two equal resistors?

A 2 B 3  C 4  D 5

Q 5: Emf is measured in:

A joule B joule/coulomb C joule-coulombs D joule/coulomb/meter

Q 6: Which elements are used in the electric heater?

A copper  B platinum  C Tungstn  D Nichrome

Q 7: Which statement in the following is true?

A the magnetic field in the open space inside the toroid is constant

B The magnetic field in the open exterior to the toroid is constant

C The magnetic field inside the core of toroid is constant

D the magnetic field the core of toroid is zero.

Q 8: A current-carrying power line carries current from west to east. Then the direction of the magnetic field 2 m above is it:

A west to east B  south to north  C north to south D None of these

Q9: The moving coil galvanometer is based upon the principle of:

An Interaction of charge

B interaction of the current and electric field

C faraday’s law

D Maxwell’s assumption

Q 10: The direction of the magnetic field can be determined by

A declination only

 B inclination only  

C inclination and the horizontal component of the field

 D declination and the horizontal component of the field

Q 11: A strong magnetic field is applied on a stationary electron. Then the electron:

A move in the direction of the field

B  remain stationary

C  moves perpendicular to the direction of the field

D   moves opposite to the direction of the field.

Q 12: When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field, the direction of induced emf changes in very:

A one revolution

 B ½ revolution

C ¼ revolution

D 2 revolution

Q 13: Faraday constant:

A  depends on the amount of the electrolyte

B depends on the current in the electrolyte

  C is a universal constant

D depends on the amount of charge passed through the electrolyte

Q 14: when an ammeter is shunted. Its measuring range

A increses   B decreases

C remains constant  D none of these

Q 15: A laser beam is used for locating distance objects because:

A  It is monochromatic   B  it is constant

C it is not observed   D it has small angular spread

Q16: The idea of secondary wavelets for the propagation of a wave was first given by:

A Newton  B Huygens   C Maxwell    D    Fresnel

Q 17: Ampere-hour is unit of:

A  power B Charge   C Energy    D Potential differences

Q 18: When a ray of light enters a glass slab, its wavelength:

An increase  B decrease    C remain unchanged   D   data are not complete

Q 19: Which of the following is correct for the beam which enters the medium

A Travel as a cylindrical beam  B Diverge   C Converge    D Diverge near the axis and converge near the periphery

Q 20: The phase difference between the electric and the magnetic vectors in electromagnetic waves is:

A π/4,  B π /2,  C π,  D  Zero

Q 21: The optical fibre works on the principle of

A Scattering  B   Refraction   C Total internal reflection D Dispersion

Q 22: The time taken by a photoelectron to come out after the photon strikes, is approximate:

A 10  – 1 s

B10 – 4 s

C 10  – 10 s

D 10 – 16 s

Q 23: When the velocity of an electron increased, its de Broglie wavelength

A increases B decreased C remain the same D may increase or decrease

Q 24: The critical angle of light is shown by

A Red colour  B Grenn colour  C Yellow colour   D  Violet Colour  

Q 25: When an atomic gas or vapour is excited at low pressure, by passing an electric current through it then

A emission spectrum is observed

B absorption spectrum is observed  

C Band spectrum is observed  

D Both B and C   

Q 26: An atom stays in an excited state of about:

A 10 micro seconds  ,  B 10 mili seconds 

 C 10 nano seconds

 D10 seconds  

Q 27: β-decay produces

A isobars B isotopes  C isotones  D All the above  

Q 28: Who discovered the positron?

A Chadwick B Bohr  C Maxwell  D Anderson

Q 29: Alpha Particle emitted from radioactive material are:

A Helium nuclei B Hydrogen nuclei  C Lithium nuclei  D None of the above  

Q 30: Fast Neutrons can easily be slowed down by

A the use of lead shielding

 B passing then through water

 C elastic collisions with heavy nuclei

 D applying a strong electric field

Q 31: Pick out the incorrect statement from the following

A β- emission from the nucleus is always accompanied with a neutrino

B The energy of the a-particles emitted from a given nucleus is always constant

C- y-ray emission makes the nucleus more stable

D Nuclear force is charge-independent

Q 32: The order of nuclear density is:

A 10 3 B 10 17 C 10 6 D None

Q 33: Which one of the following has maximum penetrating power:

A X-rays  B  Cathode rays C a rays  D y-rays  

Q 34: Which of the following statement is incorrect for the depletion region of a diode?

There the mobile charge exist.

B Equal number of holes and electrons exist, making the region neutral.

C Recombination of holes and electrons has taken places

 D None of these

Q 35: If a small amount of antimony is added to germanium crystal:

A its reistance is increased

B it becomes a p-type semiconductor

C there will be more free electrons than holes in the semiconductor

D none of these

Q36: Main function of a transistor is to:

An Aluminium  

B Phosphorus

C Oxygen

D All the above

Q 37: Diode is used as:

A An amplifier , B An oscillator,  C A modular,  D A rectifier  

Q 38: The device which is a combination of a receiver and a transmitter is

A Amplifier B Repeater C Transducer D Modulartor

Q 39 Essential elements of a communication system are:

A Transmietter and receiver

B receiver and communication channel

 C Transmitter and communication channel

 D  Transmitter, communication channel and receiver

Q 40: The modulation index in amplitude modulation is:

A Always Zero B Between 0 and 1

C Between 1 and fie D None

BSEB 12th PHYSC Objective Questions & Answer 

 Questions Number  Answer Key
  1   B
 2   B
 3   D
 4   B
 5   B
 6   D
 7   C
 8   C
 9   B
 10   B

Bihar Board Inter Physics Exam Objective Answer 2020 

Physics Exam in Bihar Board from the Intermediate Students will be taken on the 3rd Feb 2020 around the Bihar at 1326 Exam Center and around 13 Lakhs of students from all faculty will be taking part in this exam.

 Physics Exam 3rd Feb Exam  Answer key First Sitting – Wait

Students of ISC able to download Bihar Board Physics Exam 3rd Feb 2020 Objective Answer Key for all set on 3/02/2020 04:30 PM from 

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