Board exam prepare with underline key points

By | January 31, 2018

Underline Key points in Examination 

Students usually forget to mention key points in the answer to theoretical question answers. Here are some of the useful tips for the students who are going to appear in the board examination of intermediate. If you have business studies subject then we’re going to tell you best way to score good marks in the board examination. For scoring good marks in theory exam in the all subject student needs to write the question and their answer carefully and pointwise with underlining the main points, making subheadings. Below is a step-by-step detail to write answers in any examination as like intermediate board exam. 

How to remember long question answers

It is important to understand the concept and revise all the syllabus Business Study. For short and long Question board examination. Making flowchart while revising the topic. If you are the study of business studies then must give attention to the market, stock market, financial & management because this all chapter will help you to score good marks in BS. 

Give attention to illustrations while answering the subjective question. You need to improve the writing skills and answer with the help of illustration, Make a chart, Graph and table avoid repetition by writing an answer. Clear all the point of that topic big paragraph. This will make examiner realise that you know what you are talking about and all things about that question you know well. 

Revise and given attention on the important chapter

In Every subject as per examination point of view, every chapter of every is very important but there is need to some special attention on some subject. If you are a study the business study then you must be given some attention on directing, financial planning, Financial Management and marketing because this chapter will help you to score good marks in the board examination. 

Last minute tips for board examination

Students solve as possible model question paper and previous year question paper because this will help the student to get an idea about the question format of the examination. After the solving you will increase your writing practice & writing skills as well you will get confident to participate in the examination. students have suggested during the examination and before the exam keep take care of health, eat healthy food and do some exercise to stay fit during the examination, because health consists good mind. 

Point should consider while Answering

During of paper, it is a good to explain any question with an example. So your expression on that question as well examiner will able to find out your thought., Keep remembering limit of a word and do not write answer exceed a limit of words. Give answer first sure answer later on other. 

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