BSEB 10th English Exam 2018 Objective Answer Key | Bihar Board Matric English Objective [MCQ] Question Answer – 2018

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Hello students of Bihar School Examination Board matriculation Exam 2018, We can understand your excitement for knowing about the Bihar Board 10th English Objective answer, Matric English Exam 2018 Objective Question Answer. Because this Bihar Board Class 10th English objective questions answer will help to analysis marks in the Board exam of the subject of English. As you have given 50 objective question in the subject of English, Students after knowing the BSEB Class class tenth English MCQ answer they color the circle on the BSEB Xth OMR Sheet 2018. Bihar board English answer of Objective Question will help to score good marks in the Examination. 

BSEB English 10th English Objective Answer 2018 

After coming from the examination centre giving of class 10th English exam students can download Bihar Board Xth English Objective Answer 2018 and match with their answer which they attempted on OMR Sheet. On this page, we try to provide a Correct answer of BSEB Class 10th Objective Question, Answer after the examination. In the exam of English question will come in Section A & Section B. Section A will become 50 objective Question and section we come with subjective question short and long answers. Below we have given all details of marking scheme of BSEB Matric English Subject 2018. 

Bihar SEB Xth Board Exam English Question 2018 Format 

  • English Objective Type Question Combination of Grammer & Literature – 50×1  =  50 Marks. (One Mark Each)
  • Bihar Board English Exam Short question  – 10 x 2 = 20 Marks    (Two mark each)
  • BSEB English Long Question – 3x 5 = 15 Marks   (5 marks each) 
  • One Eassy –  8 Marks   ( 5 option will be avaiable) 
  • Interpreation – 8 marks  ( 4 + 4  Question from both section) 
  • Letter Writting  –  05 Marks   (Formal & Ifnormal option will be given. 
  • Condensation  – 4 marks 

BSEB Matriculation English Exam 22nd Feb 2018

Students have to answer the English subject question as above examination marking question pattern. After the exam last by 22nd Feb 2018 we try to upload question wise answer key for let you know how many answer which you attempted is correct and how much marks you can score in BSEB English Subject. One more thing which students must be taken care and should need to take care of all other subject exam is filling with BSEB Matriculation OMR Sheet 2018. Must remember not to use Whitner or do damage to OMR Sheet of Class 10th Board Exam because damage OMR sheet can’t be scanned by a computer operated the device. 

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Bihar Board Class 10th Exam English Objective question – First Sitting 

1. The main character in “Peace for living” which the author saw was a/an ……. corn Merchant

2. The author admits that quick travel doe does not give the traveller the real of travel-

3. Jim asked Mr Greence to keep the old newspapers for the school – going children, who ……. them?

4. Jim Told Mr Johson that it would reduce ……………. and save ecology if he did not use his car for travelling to short distances-

5. When the narrator sat down to write, Gillu wanted to catch her…

6. Gillu’s Favourite food was –

7. In “What is wrong with Indian Films” the author compares Indian films with …… Films –

8. The Cinema ……. in various measures the function of poetry, music, painting, drama, architecture and a host of other arts, major and minor –

9. Aris firmly believe that his mother would have accepted the prize for all the ……. of Burma, not for herself –

10. Who is the writer of “Acceptances Speech”?

11. The old woman was ……………… enough to know she could not help the young people-

12. Who is the writer of “Once upon a Time”?

13. Indian have shown the power to make ……….. changes and of becoming used to new situation

14. Where have old civilisation and culture grown and changed?

15. The old woman tried to make everyone understand that as it was Easter the day should be spent……

16. Which festival is referred to by the writer in “Little Girls Wiser than Man”?

17. The townspeople do not enjoy any real …………….

18. A happy man’s wants are satisfied by the property inherited by him from his ……..

19. “Polythene Bag” has been composed by ………

20. Lord Krishna had not met ……….. for some time ..

21. There was a …………….. which had the power to grant wishes –

22. The high pitched strains of the Koel wakes in the poet’s soul thousand………

23. As a result of very hard work, the porter’s ….. beat was fast –

24. Martha used to tell her stories in the hazel………….

25. Munni Advised Halku to hear himself out, as a ……..

26. A person has to be exposed to the particular ……. for some time to become allergic to it-

27. The banker decided to murder the …………

28. For Mr Gessler, boot making was a/an………..

29. Sun and Moon went downstairs hand in hand to meet the …………

30. “Love Defined” is a story about the relationship of the narrator with his …

31. Is he writing a story?
Answer – Is a Story being written by him?

32. We should not punish him.
Answer He should not be punished by us.

33. She helped me.
Answer – I was helped by her.

34. She said to her daughter, “Study well to get success in your life”
Answer – She advised her daughter for study well to get success in her life.

35. He says, “I am going to Patna”
Answer – He says that he was going to Patna

36. He said to me, “What do you want?”.
Answer – He asked me that what I wanted.

37. Rice and Curry …. his favourite food.
Answer – is

38.The honest ….. poor.
Answer – was

39. Nothing but snow…….. seen.
Answer –

40. He is Known …………. Me.
Answer – To

41. He went to the village………….foot.
Answer – By

42. The rat is afraid ………
Answer – from

43. Autitorium
Answer – Auditorium

44. Professer
Answer – Professor

45. Neighoring –
Answer – Neighbouring

46. मेरे पहुंचने से पहले गाड़ी खुल चुकी थी
Answer – The train had started before I reached the station

47. मै तैरना जानता हूँ
Answer – I know how to swim

48. तैरना एक कला है
Answer – Swimming is an art

49. यहाँ सभी धर्मो के लोग रहते है
Answer – The people of all religions live here

50. आज बहुत गर्मी पड़ रही है
Answer – It was extremely hot today.

Please Note All Question answer (remain) will be updated soon 

Bihar Board Class Ten English Objective Answer Key – IInd Sitting Exam – Get here 

BSEB 10th English Objective Answer Keys  2018

Suggestion for the students who are going to appear in Bihar Board Matric English Exam on 21-02-2018. 

– Fill OMR sheet by using blue ball pen carefully.

  • – While colouring circle first sure about correct answer then color circle which are for the correct answer. 
  • -Do not forget to fill Class Tenth exam related information like Roll number, Roll code, Name and doing a signature. 
  • -Write down the BSEB 10th Board OMR sheet number and Answer booklet number, this will help in further for verification of results. 
Bihar board Xth English Objective Answers 2018 

Hope that is web page will be helpful for all those students who are searching for the BSEB 10th English Objective Answer, Bihar board Xth English Objective Answers, BSEB Xth English 2018 Answer of Objective. If you wish to share your feedback about the Bihar Board Exam 2018 English subject then you can share us through the comment. 

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