BSEB 12th Biology Practical 2019 Exam Questions Review

By | October 24, 2020

Bihar School Examination Board from 15th January 2019 to 25th January 2019 around the Bihar State. Biology is an optional subject for science stream students. Students can make choice for Biology as an optional or Additional Subjects. 

Bihar Board ISC Biology Practical Exam conducted in 04 sections. 02 section for write answer on the base of the experiment. Section 3 and 4 for school notebook record submit and viva voice test.

BSEB 12th Bio Questions Review 

Bihar Board Intermediate Practical Biology Exam 2019: According to the students Biology practical 2019 question was good to answer. Board has nice implemented in a way of conducting the examination. Means Board gives students detail pre-printed Answer sheet, just students to verify have to a signature.

BSEB 2019 Practical Exam Questions

This question will helpful for the students those who are going to appear in the 2020 examination. This question will help analysis students to which type of question asked in the Board exam for experiment/practical examination.

Bihar Board All Latest update on

According to students Board give a large number of choice for the question in the practical examination. Students have to answer one-one question from each section. In both section, many of the optional Questions asked.


जीवविज्ञान प्रायोगिक महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न 
  1. (a) दिये गये पुष्प (A ) का विच्छेदन करें एवं प्रजनन अंगों का सचित्र वर्णन करें
  • गुड़हल अथवा अपराजिता


दिये गए फल (B) का अनुप्रस्थ अनुभाग करें एवं सचित्र वर्णन करें

  • खीरा अथवा केला
  1. (b)

दिये गए स्थाई स्लाइड (C) को देखें एवं सचित्र उपयुक्त टिप्पणी करें |

  • मेढ़क  के ब्लासटुला का अनुप्रस्थ काट  


दिये गये संग्रहालय नमूना (C) के जलीय अनुकूलन पर टिप्पणी लिखें

  • मछली अथवा समुद्रीसर्प


  1. (a) दिए गए पादप नमूना D के मरुदभिद लक्षणों का सचित्र वर्णन करें |  

(D) नागफनी अथवा बबूल


दिए गए रासायनिक घोल (D) में उचित जैव रासायनिक परीक्षण प्रदर्शन से कार्बोहाइड्रेट की उपस्थिति का औचित्य साबित करें|

  • ग्लूकोस का घोल अथवा सुक्रोज का घोल

(2). B दिए गए सामग्री में (E) उसके प्रोफाइल का उल्लेख करें एवं PH का निर्धारण करें |


(E)मैदान की मिट्टी


दिए गए मिट्टी के नमूने E1 और E2 में मिट्टी की नमी की तुलना करें|

E1 गमले की मिट्टी

E2 मैदान की मिट्टी


Tips: Students who have to appear in the Bihar board 2019 Exam of Biology, they can prepare with Bihar board 2019 Biology Model Set with Previous year exam questions also. Know Bihar board Biology Practical Exam Update to better understand the Biology Question in annual exam get a view in BSEB 2018 Biology Questions Paper

Download Bihar board Practical Exam Biology Questions Paper 2019 

खण्ड – ब 

निम्नलिखित में से किन्ही पांच प्रदर्शो पर टिप्पणी  करें

  • म्यूजियम नमूना – 

हाइड्रा अथवा जेलीफिश अथवा केंचुआ

  • मॉडल / चार्ट

मेंढक की संचार प्रणाली अथवा तिलचट्टा के तांत्रिक तंत्र अथवा मेंढक की मूत्र जननांग प्रणाली

  • स्थाई स्लाइड –

सूत्री विभाजन की मेटाफेज अथवा सूत्री विभाजन की एनाफेज अथवा अर्धसूत्री विभाजन की की – I जाइगोटिज  

  • पादप स्लाइड –

हाइड्रिला अथवा जलकुंभी अथवा अमरबेल

(V) बीज –

मक्का अथवा के हूं अथवा चावल

(VI) फल-

 सेव अथवा संतरा अथवा अकेला

(VII) स्थाई स्लाइड-

स्तनधारी अंडाशय का अनुप्रस्थ काट अथवा मानव रक्त में प्लाज्मोडियम अथवा स्तनधारी वृषण का अनुप्रस्थ काट नंबर

(VIII) इनफ्लोरेसेंस –

सरसो अथवा धनिया

Practical Exam Questions in English 

1. (a) Disperse the given flower

(A) and illustrate the reproductive organs.

 • Gudhal or Aparajita Or Make cross section of a given fruit

(B) and illustrate

• Cucumber or curry 1. (b) Look at the given slide (C) and make an appropriate comment.

• Cross section of fructose blastula Or Write a comment on the aquatic optimization of the given museum sample (C)

• Fish or sea salt

2. (a) Describe the incidence of the symptoms of the given sample 

(D) Hawthorn or Acacia Or Justify the presence of carbohydrates by performing the proper biochemical tests in a given chemical solution

(D)Solution of glucose solution or solution of sucrose

(2). B. In the given material (E), mention its profile and determine PH. Or (E) Mud of ground Or Compare soil moisture in given soil samples E1 and E2. E1 pottery soil E2 ground soil

2. Section – B Comment on any of the following five exhibits

(I) Museum Sample – Hydra or jellyfish or earthworm

(II) Models / charts Urinary tract system of a frog or tantric system of cockroach or frog

(III) Fixed slide – K-I Gigotage of Anaphase or Meiosis Division of Point Partition Metafase or Point Partition

(IV) Plant Slide – Hydraulic

(V) seeds – Maize or rice or rice

(Vi) Fruit-  Save or orange or alone

(VII) Fixed slide- The transverse cut of the mammalian ovary or transverse cut number of plasmodium or mammalian testis in human blood

(VIII) Influencer – Saro or coriander

Frequently Asked Question

Q- Is compulsory to appear in the Practical Exam.

  • The student who has the subject in which practical apply, It is compulsory for them to participate in the exam.

Q- For Ex-Students also compulsory for appearing in practical exam.

  • Yes for ex-students / Regular students / Improvement students have compulsory to appear in practice.

Q- Compartmental students need to appear in Practical Test.

  • No, Compartmental student does not require to appear in practical.

Q- To qualify in the main exam need to qualify in the practical exam separately also.

  • Yes, To qualify in the Exam students require to appear in both formats of the exam.

Q- How many marks required to qualify in the Practical exam.

  • 33% Marks from total marks for the practical exam conducted.

If you have any query regarding your study then you can ask through the comment. Students must prepare for your BSEB Term-end annual exam as per the exam program 2019

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