BSEB 12th October Physics VVI Top 10 Objective Questions with Answer

By | September 6, 2019

Hey, Students hope that examination preparation is going on the better way. Here we have collected 10 physics Objective Questions. In the Exam, every subject total of 50% objective type questions will be asked. If we talk about the Bihar Board Inter Physics Objective Questions, In this exam conducted for 100 marks which divided into 2 sections practical and theory. Practical exam held for 30 marks and 70 marks theory exam questions will be asked.

If we talk about the Physics Objective type questions then, in this subject total 35 Objective questions will be asked. Here we have updated the 10 Objective type questions. 

BSEB 12th Physics Top Objective Questions 

  1. The number of ways one can arrange three identical capacitors to obtain distinct effective capacitance is:

A – 6 , B – 8, C-2, D- 4

  1. When air is replaced by a dielectric medium of constant k, the maximum force of attraction between two charges separated by distance:
  • Increases k times, B-remains unchanged, C- decreases k times, D – increases k-1 times
  1. The unit of intensity of the electric field is:
  • Metre/volt B- Joule / Newton C- coulomb/newton


  1. How many different resistances are possible with two equal resistors?

A-2, B-3, C-4, D-5

  1. The current through a conductor is doubled, the rate of rising temperature in the conductor will be :
  • Halved, B-doubled, C-four times, D-unchanged
  1. Which element is used in an electric heater?

A-Copper, B-Platinum, C-Tungsten, D-Nichrome

  1. The nature of parallel and anti-parallel currents are:

A-Parallel currents repel and antiparallel current attract

B-Parallel current attract and antiparallel currents repel

C-both currents attract

D-both currents repel

  1. If an electron is projected with uniform velocity along the axis of a current-carrying long solenoid, then

A-the electron will be accelerated along the axis

B-the electron will continue to move with uniform velocity along the axis of the solenoid

C-the electron path will be circular about the axis

D-the electron will experience a force at 45’ to the axis and hence executes a helical path

  1. Moving charge produces:

A-only electric field

B-only magnetic field

C-Both electric and magnetic field

D- None of these

  1. Which of the following does not of applications of eddy current?

A-Electric power meters, B-Induction furnace C-LED lights, D- Magnetic brakes in trains

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