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By | February 24, 2017

In the Previous post, we have provided Bihar board inter math 23-02-2016 question no 1 to question no 20. Now in this page going to update rest question Question no 21 to 40 question and their objective Answer. We are very thank’s full for all the students for keep patience. Hope that you may give math exam very well and You may score great marks. Best of Luck for Bihar board inter 2017 Inter examination Result. 

Bihar board inter math 23-02-2016 

As we find lot’s of students who have given the BSEB +2 Math exam they are searching 12th math solution 2017 bseb, 12th math solve 23 february and 12th mathematics question answer 2017  & 23 feb ka objective answer with 2017 answer sheet of mathematics. Below we have uploaded all remain Question and Their Objective options of Math exam 2017.

Bihar Board Math Exam 2017 Question and Their objective Answers: – 

21).  The solution of Dy/Dx = x/y is –

22). The solution of the differential equation dy/dx = e x -y is

23). The orde of the differential equation dy/dx + 4y= 2x is-

24). The degree of the equation (d2y/dx2)3 – 4 dy/dx= 2 is

25). The position vector of the point (4,5,6) is

26). | 2i – 3j+k| =

27). OA = 2I + 5J – 2K and OB = 3i + 6j+5k then AB =

28). If a = i+j+ 3K : b= 2i+3j-5k then a-b=

29). If a and b are mutually perpendicular then a.b=

30). jXK=  jX K =

Match your math exam Objective Answer Question No 21 to Question No 30

Bihar Board Math Math Exam Objective Answers

21 – A,     22- C,        23-      ,      24- C,       25- A

26- B,     27- A,         28- B,        29- B,        30- A 

31). The direction cosines of z-axis are-

32). K. k=

33). Let l1, m1,n1 and l2 ,m2,n2 be the direction cosines of two st- lines. Both the lines are perpendicular to each other, if-

34). Let a,b,c be the direction ratios of a line then direction cosines are –

35). A line is passing through ( α, β, γ) and its direction cosines are l,m,n then the equation of the line are –

36). The direction ration of the normal to the plane 7x+4y-2z= () are-

37). IF A and B are two independent events then P (A∩B) =

38). If be the sample space and E be the event then P (E) =……………

39). If A, B and C are three events independent of each other then P (A∩ B ∩C)=

40). IF P (A) =3/8: P (B) = 1/2 and P (A∩B) = …………..

Question No 31 to Question No 40 Objective options: 

Students can match their BSEB Math MCQ Answer

31-C,         32- A,         33- A,           34- A,      35- B

       36-A,        37-A,           38-A,           39-D,       40-B.  

Important for the Students: Students, First of all, wish you Happy Result to all of you. For Bihar board, Inter Exam 2017 Result Students can check result from here by providing links. For Declaration of Bihar Board I.Sc Result, 2017 Students can keep in touch with us or Join us on the Facebook Like page by Click on Top Facebook Button.

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