BSEB Banned Shoes & Socks at Matric Exam Center

By | February 19, 2018

BSEB has been banned shoes and socks for the matriculation appearing examination. Students of class 10th who have to appear in the examination they will be only with the bearing of slipper mean that students who will go to participate in the examination they have to remove their shoes and socks while entering at the exam centre. In the exam history, it is the first time by the Bihar School Examination Board to issue Advisory for the students. It will help to check all unfair in the examination, students who use socks and shoes for hiding malpractice objects. This advisory issue by BSEB Chairman Shri Anand Kishor, It will be intimated all the Exam superintendent.   

BSEB Matric Exam 2018 from 21st Feb 

Students around the Bihar of Class Xth who study in Private or Government school they are going to more ap in the examination. BSEB will conduct Matriculation Annual Examination this year at 1426 (One thousand, Four Hundred and Twenty-Six) Examination Center. All preparation has been done and CCTV Camera has been installed to all exam centre to cover all the activities at the examination centre. Students or parents who wish to get more information about Banned Shoe and Socks they can read Times of India Newspaper. 

मेट्रिक परीक्षा में जूता मोजा प्रतिबंध 

जो विधार्थी इस वर्ष बिहार बोर्ड से दसमी का परीक्षा देने जा रहे है – उन सभी विधार्थियो को इस वर्ष परीक्षा कक्ष में सिर्फ चप्पल पहन कर ही जाने का आदेश है| अगर कोई परीक्षार्थी अगर जूता पहन कर जाते है, तो वो उनको जूता मोजा/जुराब को बाहर ही निकलना पड़ेगा | 

बिहार बोर्ड मीट्रिक परीक्षा २०१८ 

बिहार बोर्ड मीट्रिक परीक्षा २०१८ सही एवं अच्छी दंग से हो बिना किसी नक़ल आदि का इसके लिए पूरी तैयारी कर ली गयी है | बिहार बोर्ड १० बी परीक्षा २०१८ टोटल १४२६ केन्द्रो पर आयोजित होगी एवं सभी केन्द्रो पर कैमरा लगा दिया गया है |

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