BSEB Chemistry 2018 Short & long vvi Questions

By | February 11, 2018

Chemistry subject exam 2018 question will come from three sections objective type, short type question and long answer question. Here is an idea of score good marks on the chemistry subject. Student required to prepare for the exam in a good way with more practice of objective type question and short and long type questions. How is your prepare Here is going to describe the very important question of chemistry subject? Hope that you may also be searching for Bihar board chemistry vvi question, BSEB chemistry important question, Bihar Board Exam of XIIth chemistry vvip questions, very important question of Bihar Board Inter chemistry. Below we have provided more expecting question which might be asked in annual examination 2018 in chemistry subject. 

Bihar Board XIIth Chemistry Important Questions 2018

In chemistry subject, objective type question will be asked for 1 marks. If a student attempt the correct answer for given option they will get 1 marks. For a short type of question-answer student will get two (2) marks after giving a correct answer to questions in good handwriting. BSEB Chemistry long type questions answer a student will get 5 marks for each correct answer of a long time there will be 3 long type question will be asked and there will be an alternative question also for that. 

2018 Bihar Board Short question expecting 

  1. How would you convert the following? 

      A. Ethanoic acid to Methenamine. 

     B. Nitrobenzene to Aniline. 

  2. Write the structure of followings. 

   a-  2- Hydroxybenzaldehyde   b- 2-chloro-3-methylpentane. 

3. give one example of neutral amino acid why it is neutral. 

4. What is Reverse Osmosis? 

5. what is the difference between molecularity and order of reaction. 

6. When 10 gm of non-volatile solute is dissolved in 100 mg of 8 benzene, it’s boiling point is 1 Degree. What is the molecular mass of solute Kb for benzene equal = 2.53 km o l -1). 

7. what is the difference between absorption and adsorption? 

8. Write name and structure of monomer units of polyester. 

9. What is a frenkel defect? 

10. Why is Separation of Lanthanide elements difficult? 

VVIP Chemistry Question Bihar Board Exam 2018 

11. give the reason. 

A- H2O is liquid but H2S is gas   B- CU + is diamagnetic 

12. Explain, chlorine is the bleaching agent. 

13. Complete the following:- 

A- CH3CooH + Pcl  B- CH3CoCI+H2 —> OS + PCL5 what is Rita Ora

14. What is soaponification? 

Long Answer question which asked for 05 marks in BSEB Board Examination 2018. 

  1. write an equation for the following chemical reaction

A- Hoffmann bromamide reaction

B-  coupling reaction

C- carbylamine reaction

D- Williamson Synthesis 

E- Witting Reaction 

2. A first-order reaction is 75% complete in 60 minutes find the half-life of the reaction. 


Define Kohlrausch’s law How does it help in. 

A- Calculation of λ’ for an electrolyte

B- Degree of Dissociation of a weak electrolyte? 

3- Describe the Ostwald’s for the manufacturing of nitric acid. 


Describe the manufacture of H2 S o4 by the contact process. 

Chemistry question 2018 BSEB 

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If you have any query about the chemistry question short type long type and objective type (multiple choice question ) answer then you ask for the comment. If you have any important question of chemistry subject then share with another student so that they can prepare for the exam in a good way and a score good marks in the Bihar Board Intermediate result 2018.

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