BSEB English MB Objective Answer 2018 | Bihar Board Inter English 50 Marks Objective Question Answer Key Details for Exam on 14th Feb 2018

By | February 14, 2018

After the know about the Bihar Board Class 12th English Objective Answer 2018 Some of the students able to get a figure of coming marks in Bihar board I.Sc 2018 English Subject. Here is going to tell about the Bihar Board Class 12th English Exam for 50 Marks. As students of BSEB I.Sc have compulsory in participating in Inter NRB + MB subject each for 50 marks. Students after the exam want to know about the BSEB English MB Objective Answer 2018, Bihar board 12th English Objective Answer of 50 Marks, BSEB NRB + MB Objective Answer keys. Students after the exam from this page they can find information and links for Bihar Board I.Sc Objective Question Answer. 

Bihar Board I.Sc MB English Objective Answer 2018 

Exam on 14 2 2018 student have to answer of 50 marks English Subject Question Answers and 5o Marks Hindi Questions Answers. In the Exam of Bihar Board MB English, there will be 25 Objective Questions and subjective questions for the 25 marks. Same marking schedule for the Hindi 50 Marks (NRB) Subject. Students will get BSEB MB English and Bihar board NRB Hindi OMR sheet separately. Students have to answer of both subjects for total 100 marks. It is also optional for MB English but Hindi 50 Marks is compulsory Subject for Science Stream also. 

Answer key below given check out

1. She Agrees….. my proposal.
Answer – with

2. He came home late ….. the evening.
Answer – In 

3. Santosh deals ….. gains.
Answer – in
4. We saw them quarrel.
Answer – They were quarrelling seen by us. 

5. Choose the suitable meaning of the Phase.
‘at the eleventh hour’

Answer – at the very last time 

6. Choose the suitable meaning from the phrase
By hook or by crook
Answer – to make possible by any means
7. The General was killed. The army field
Answer – The General was killed because the army fled.

8. This is the book. He likes it most.
Answer – This is the book which he likes most.

9. Choose the following word correctly spelt
Answer – Government

10. They Would succeed if they (try)
Answer – They would succeed if they tried. 

11. This girl never (see) the Taj Mahal.
Answer – This girl has never seen the Taj Mahal.

12. We ….. there a week ago.
Answer- Went

13. The Students ….. when the teacher came into the classroom.
Answer – Were Singing

14. He is vexed …his neighbour.
Answer – With

15. Yeats was …… with great poetic talents.
Answer – gifted

16. The writer of the piece ‘ On Letter writing is …………..
Answer – A. G. Gardiner 

17. Who talks about the leafy bought’?
Answer –
18. Letter writing was done more carefully in the
Answer – Pre-historic period 

19. Wordsworth saw a host of daffodils beside the ……
Answer – Lake

20. Who wrote the poem ‘ Everyone Sang’?
Answer – Siegfried Seasoon 

21. ‘David Copperfield is a novel about …. psychology.
Answer –  Child
22. Who was David’s Early nurse?
Answer –
23. Who wrote the piece ‘robin’?
Answer –

24. The poet wants to go back to Innisfree because of ……..
Answer – ugliness of place 

25 – The poem ‘ If is addressed to …
Answer – the poet’s son.

Objective answer is updating one by one  – keep in touch with us 

BSEB I.Sc English – 50 Marks Exam
Q. No Option Q. No Option Q. No Option Q.No Option Q.No Option
1  A 2  B 3  B 4  B 5 B
6 A 7 A 8 D 9  B 10 D
11  A 12  C 13  D 14  B 15  C
16 17 18  A 19  B 20  A
21  C 22 23 24  C 25  D

Rest Answer key will be updated by tonight 08:00 PM

How to get BSEB NRB + MB Objective Answer key 2018 

Students will be able to download Bihar Board Class 12th English 50 Marks for Science on this website after the exam completed. Hope that after giving many subject exams in Bihar Board Class 12th Science Stream you will be familiar with filling of Bihar board 50 Hindi and BSEB 50 English OMR sheet. In every time we inform students to fill very carefully Bihar board Inter OMR sheet and Give answer carefully to Bihar board 12th Objective Questions 2018.  

About Bihar I.Sc 50 Marks Hindi Exam 

This subject exam will be conducted for all the students of science stream and it is the compulsory subject for all students and for all the stream. There will be 25 Objective type question will be asked for one mark each, rest of subjective Question will be asked. After the examination, you can contact to your teacher/mentor for discussion about the BSEB Hindi 50 Marks answer, Bihar board Hindi 50 Marks Answer, Answer of Bihar board I.Sc Objective Question NRB (Hindi 50 Marks)

BSEB Science English 50 Marks 

In the past year, this subject was known by Bihar Board I.Sc MB English as you already know that Bihar board has changed the examination format as well changed the all subject code alphabetic to numeric. From this page, we try to provide the Bihar Board Class 12th 50 Marks English Exam Objective Question answer. In English Exam of 50 marks question will be a combination of Grammer and Book of Bihar board Class 12th English Subject. Through the comment visitors after the exam got over on 14th February  2018 around 01:00 Pm can discuss the BSEB MB English Objective Answer, MB English MCQ Question Answer, Bihar I.Sc English 50 Marks objective Questions answer. 

Hope that Exam on 14/02/2018 subject of NRB+MB exam successfully completed by you. Wish to share your through or wish to do the query you can do it through the below comment section. Happy Result For Day! 

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