BSEB XIIth Biology Subjective question with Answer Exam on 6 2 2018 – Bihar Board

By | February 6, 2018

Hope that after the giving of the examination of Bihar Board class 12th Biology examination you may searching Answer of BSEB XIIth Biology Subjective question. This Bihar board Class 12th Bio exam question, Bihar board Intermediate Biology Subject questions will help next year appear students to examine. Various examination Coaching centre also searching for BSEB XIIth Bio Question, Biology Question of Bihar Board Inter Exam Subjective questions. As students must know that there will 35 number question will be asked in the examination. In Bihar board Exam of Biology subjective and objective question asked. Overview of Bihar Board Class XIIth Science Biology Exam of Subjective Question. 

Bihar Board Class 10+2 Biology Subjective Question 

Students have to answer the short question for 02 marks of 10 question. In short, more than ten question asked as giving the alternate choice of the question. Students can score 20 marks in short question answer. There 3 question asked for 05 marks each long type from this section (20 Marks) can be scored. Long type alternative question also was given to the students they can give answer fo the questions as per their knowledge. Below we soon update the Bihar board 2018 Biology Subjective questions. 

BSEB Short Question 02 Marks Each 

Question number 1 to 15 are short answer type questions. Each question of this category carries 2 marks answer any 10 question on your copy.

  1. What do you mean by incomplete dominance? Explain with suitable example?

2. Draw a neat and well-labelled diagram of a transverse section of human ovary.

3. Describe the two silent features of double Helix Structure of DNA.

4. Define and give example of each of following

(i) False fruit

(ii) Ture Fruit

(iii)  Parthenogenic fruits

(iv) Polyembryony

5. What is gene mutation? what is the role of organic evolution?

6. Name any two enzymes of DNA replication and mention one specific function of each of them?

7. What do you mean by the genetically organism modified organism?  Describe two benefits of the crops.

8. what is microinjection? How is it helpful in Recombinant DNA technology?

9. What is restitution endonuclease? What is it’s significance in genetic engineering?

10. What do you mean by Sohail the role of microbes in sewage treatment

11. What is micropropagation what is the advantage of producing plants through this technique?

12. Describe the organism mode of trance importance and therapy of Malaria disease

13. Draw a neat well-labelled diagram of a type Aulakh antibiotic

14. What is biodiversity hotspot? Write down the name and specific list of to search hotspot found in India?

15. What do you mean by ozone hole?  What is the main reason for ozone depletion?

Bihar Board Long Questions Answer 5 marks each 

Question number 16 to 18 are long answer type Question. All question are compulsory in each question there are internal options.

16. Discuss the various method of contraception for regulation of population.
(i) What do you mean by chromosomal disorder? Describe the cause and related abnormalities in the following genetic disorders-

(ii) Down’s syndrome (ii) Klinefelter’s syndrome (iii) Turner’s syndrome

17. What is adaptive? illustrate it giving a suitable example. 

What is Biotechnology? Describe the application of Biotechnology in Medicines.

18. What is acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome? Give an account of its Pathogen, transmission, aetiology, diagnosis and remedy. Suggest measures for its prevention.
What do you mean by biodiversity? What is the importance of species Biodiversity in Ecosystem? Describe the main reason for duplication of Biodiversity.  

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