Catch up Course for Class 2nd to 9th in Bihar State

By | March 7, 2021

If you are asking any of the questions related to the Catch-up course, well you have come to the right place. This post going to tell you completed about the Bihar Education Project Council Catch-up course, you will learn all the aspects that will help you to know about it. These methods are introduced by BEPC for class 2nd to 9th students who do not attend the class the whole year due to lockdown in India.

Hence through the Catch-up course teacher will try to fully cover the course. Students who missed for study.  If this is your first time here at to listed about the Catch-up course, Earlier you may be listed about the Crash Course. I recommend you to read our about page to know what I do to mean for it.

Bihar State Catch up Course  ⬅

This course is similar course of the general syllabus of all classes. In this method, the Teacher will be adding details to study things so that students will be able to catch things which are they study now and they missed out in the previous classes. As you know due to lockdown there were no classes commenced and students directly promoted to the next class. To more about Crash Course 

Catch-up Course – Details 

 Post Name   Catch Course 
 Course for   Class 2nd to 9th 
 Course Year   2021 
 State   Bihar 
 Offered by   Bihar Education Project Council 
 Start date   05th April 2021 
 Bihar Board Official Website 
 Details Website

If you wanna share your feedback about this course please, feel free to reply to us through the comment. 

State: Bihar
Headquarter: Patna
Department: Education

Students can get benefits from digital learning also. 

      1. Primary Classes (1-5)

      2. Upper Primary Classes (6-8)

      3. Secondary Classes (9 & 10)

      4. Senior Secondary Classes (11 & 12)

Mission: Bringing about quantitative and qualitative improvement in the Elementary Education system in Bihar, 

Hope this post is quite helpful for you to know. 

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