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How social Networking sites are spoiling the student’s career

By | August 24, 2018

While Nobody can deny the importance of social networking sites which helps people to stay connected. But the ill effects of social networks are increasing in India rapidly. How social Networking sites are spoiling the student’s career  Very few people know that Social Networking became popular in India way before the inception of Facebook. Social Networking world starts… Read More »

How to find best Mentor/Teacher for Life

By | August 23, 2018

If you go to anyone who has mastered in their field they will always give due credit to their mentors/teachers who inspired/teaches them to achieve success. Respect and credit given by them is no surprise because mentor/teacher in your life will define the direction where you lead to.  How to find best Mentor/Teacher for Life Looking back at… Read More »

What to learn from ABVP | What is ABVP?

By | August 18, 2018

Every great changes and transformation in the society has been lead by the future generations. Future generations have the responsibility to make this society a better place to live. Great person of the world has been involved deeply with the people of society. All About ABVP  There is no denying the fact that if anyone wants to do… Read More »

One India One Election

By | August 18, 2018

In TVs, Newspapers media covered a lot about the One India One Election concept. It escalated when PM Narendra Modi advocated the idea of One India One Election. Interesting to note that Till 1960s, General Elections and State elections held together but after the emergence of regional parties coalition government era started. Eventually, it led to separate Center… Read More »

Atal Bihari Vajpayee || The Poet, PM, Politician, Statesman

By | August 18, 2018

We all got deeply saddened by the demise of Former Prime Minister, Veteran Politician, Poet and statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was 93 years old and had been admitted in AIIMS from June 11. Loss of person with such a big eminence is impossible to forget but death is reality and bitter truth. Central Government has announced seven… Read More »

How to be a leader in any field || Leadership Skills

By | August 17, 2018

Whatever you are doing currently in life. I can assure you that if you learn a skill which will help you immensely. Without a shadow of a doubt that will be your Leadership skill. Leadership Skill plays a central part in the life of any individuals. How to Become a Leader  For becoming a leader, you don’t need… Read More »

Distance kaise Badiya Hota hai || Duardarsh shiksha ke visheshta

By | August 16, 2018

Distance se padhna or regular se padhna thik hota hai, Distance se padhai kare or regular se, Koi bhi vidharthi jab use do option milate hai regular or distance ka to yah is baat ko janne ke liye kabhi utsahit jarur hote hai. Distance ya Regular Kaun Badiya Namaskar! Aap sabhi ka website par Hardik Swagat hai.… Read More »

How Visual Study Learning Helps In Study || Electronic Media Learning Benefits for Students

By | August 15, 2018

First of All Happy Independence Day to All the Visitors of Website! Hello Friends, We all have experience that what we see and interact keeps in our memory to long later. It has been proven scientifically, whatever we see, touch, experience learn and memorize very quickly.  How Visual Study Learning Helps In Study There is no surprise… Read More »

Importance of Reference Book for Exam Preparation || Benefits for Reference Book in Study

By | August 14, 2018

Those students preparing for board exams can relate to this topic. We all have experienced the important significance of reference book for exam preparation. Reference books are a lifeline for many of us. There is no doubt that it enhances our knowledge to a great extent.  The need of Reference Book  Student life is the best phase of… Read More »