CBSE Board Class 10th Computer Science Questions Paper

By | December 16, 2019

A computer is the most important and valuable subject in the today era. Most of the students started to opt for computer science from the beans of the study. Now Board also taking the Computer Science Board exam from the students of Secondary and Senior Secondary students also who taken the subject in their study.

In this page going to provide the CBSE Board Class 10th Computer Science previous year examination questions.

CBSE Secondary Computer Science Questions Paper

This questions paper will help the students to know the examination questions structure for the CS. Through the CBSE CS questions paper students able to know which type of questions asked in the exam for the board examination.

CBSE Class 10th Computer Exam Instruction

Board give some instruction which students need to follow them during the examination while and before writing the answer to the questions.

cbse cs questions paper

CBSE cs questions paper

  • Please check that this questions paper contains the number of the printed page.
  • Code number given on the right-hand side of the questions paper should be written on the title page of the answer –book by the candidate.
  • Please check the number of paper contained questions.
  • Please write down the serial number of the questions before attempting it.
  • 15 Minutes time has been allotted to read these questions paper. The Questions paper will be distributed at 10.15 a.m From the 10.15 am to 10:30 a.m, the students will read the questions paper only and will not write any answer on the answer-book during this period.

In the CBSE Board for the class 10th CS Computer Science Exam taken for the 70 marks and 30 marks exam taken for the practical.

CBSE 10th CS Exam Questions Paper Instruction

  1. Section A refers to programming language C++.
  2. Section B refers to programming language Python.
  3. Section C is compulsory for all.
  4. Answer either Section A or Section B.
  5. It is compulsory to mention on page 1 in the answer book whether you are attempting Section A or Section B.
  6. All questions are compulsory within each section.


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