Save Water Get Marks || CBSE Introduce Environmental protection implement in school – पानी बचाओ नंबर पाओ

By | September 23, 2019

Save Water and Get More Marks, Yes you read out correctly! This line really brings in the situation what is it but it is true. CBSE has introduced new implementation in school which is affiliated from CBSE.  Now in everyday class in one sitting 3 to 4 Minutes class will commence on the Environmental protection ( Save Water).

Now Students who will save 1 Liter water every day on the daily base they will get some points. That points will be counted in the main Annual examination. This is for the School Examination only. Here I would like to mention one more important that is this activity marks will be printed on the Annual Examination Result page as well as. 

पानी बचाओ नंबर पाओ

This the good implementation by the CBSE for Environmental protection. It is expecting that students will also take an interest in this and they will understand the importance of water and the environment. 

Environmental protection – Save Water 

पानी बचाओ नंबर पाओ

पानी बचाओ नंबर पाओ

What you think for it, please lets us other by the comment. 

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