Class 12th Students Should Opt Computer Science as Additional Subject

By | August 13, 2018

The biggest question that comes to the minds of all students preparing for upcoming CBSE or Bihar board exams. What should we opt for an additional subject? What would be benefits of computer science as an additional subject? Advantages of having 6th subjects in 12th Board examination.

Class 12th Students Should Opt Computer Science as Additional Subject

If you are among those students have such questions in mind then trust me this article will answer all your questions. 

Advantages of 6th Subject in 12th Board Exam

There are a handful of advantages of 6th subjects. It would benefit you too much and I advise you to take 6 subjects without putting many thoughts.

First Strong reason of my arguments is CBSE and various other popular board criteria on the percentage of marks “the marks of that additional subject are considered which one scores higher”. It will improve your overall percentage. 

For example,consider you have computer science and physical education as the additional subjects along with Physics, Chemistry Math,English or Physics, Chemistry, Biology,English so for the calculation of your 12th Board percentage marks, marks of these four compulsory subjects and the one in which you scored higher say in Computer Science 98 and physical Education 74 so the marks will be considered are of Computer Science.

Hence your actual percentage which going to matter during admission of undergraduate colleges will increase by 6 Percent. In Nutshell, so just take 6th subjects like Computer Science and there is a tendency you will score higher. Scoring good marks in Computer Science is relatively easier 🙂

It will increase your career option

If you opt Computer Science as 6th subject Career Option then it will also increase your career option. Suppose you have Commerce background and you opted Computer science as the 6th additional subject then it will enhance your career opportunities as a software engineer after class 12th.

Students Should Opt Computer Science as Additional Subject in Inter Why? 

You can do courses like BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) to advance your career. It would be massive help and advantage if you feel that your opted stream will not interests you anymore.

Additional Subject as Computer Science will be a good backup

Trust me or not but we should be very cautious while choosing our subjects in 12th Board. Let’s say unfortunately you didn’t score well and failed in your main 5 subjects then what’s next? Probably nothing much left but if you have opted computer science as the additional subject and scored good marks then you will be considered as Pass only not fail.

Best Part of taking an additional subject as Computer Science is any stream students can take as an additional subject like Arts, Science or Commerce and Humanities. Nowadays in every sector computer is making a good place. 

So by opting additional subject as Computer science will give you a backup option in times of such crisis.

Have any queries in your mind regarding opting 6th additional subject then use the comment section below.

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