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By | April 1, 2020

Hello Students! I know what you are going through right now! Anxiety Right?

I can completely understand the fear of exam, anxiety, nervousness as I have experienced it in past that past experience prompts me to help students especially during exam time. I have prepared easy study materials, study tips, quick notes which helped hundreds of board students.

In this article, you will learn exam tips, important topics to prepare and quick revision notes for computer science class 12th python notes pdf.

Computer Science With Python Notes 

What is Python?

Python is a high-level language and needs to have python interpreter installed in your computer to write and run the python program. Python is also considered as an interpreted language because Python programs are executed by an interpreter.

Class XII Computer Science Python Question Paper

If you are preparing for Class XII Computer Science Python then you must have a thorough understanding of question paper.

Question Paper will consist of 70 Marks.

While 30 Marks will be evaluated in Practical.

Important topics

  • Working with functions
  • Data Structure
  • Computer Networks
  • Structured Query Language

 Tips for Computer Science Exam preparation

  • As it is said, the only method of learning any programming language is by writing codes.
  • We suggest learning any concepts first clearly then practice it in the editor.

computer science phython notes buy online

Note: You know that Python IDLE provides two working modes, interactive mode and script mode.

Interactive Mode: Interactive Mode allows us to interact directly with the operating system (OS) by typing at the command prompt. When we type python commands, the interpreter displays the result immediately when we press Enter Key.

Let’s take an example:

>>>>print(”Welcome to Python Programming”)

After  pressing Enter key above command will display as

Welcome to Python Programming.

Other examples will also display immediately

>>>>print 4+8






Script Mode: In script mode, we type Python program in a file instead of a command prompt and then use the interpreter to execute the content of the file.

How to write commands in script mode:

  • Launch Python IDLE installed in your computer.
  • Click on the File menu option
  • Navigate to New Option or press the shortcut key Ctrl+N from the shell window.

Let’s take an example:

Input any two numbers and to find Quotient and Remainder.

Code (Script Mode)

a = int(input(“enter first number: ”))

b = int(input(“enter second number: ”))



Output: (Interactive Mode)

enter first number: 21

enter second number: 4

Quotient 5

Remainder 1

  • As soon as you understand how to work on an editor, you should start coding bit more logical programs.
  • Go through all the sample papers prescribed by CBSE and previous year question papers.

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Notes Prepared by Deepak Jha 

               MCA ( UGC NET Qualified) 

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