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By | October 24, 2017

Hello, Student’s of Commerce here is the most important things are given for you. Hope that you may also willing to know How we did when we have commerce study, How we prepare for an exam when I am a student of Commerce, Important points for Commerce students & Important lines for Commerce student and What is the precaution for an exam in commerce. Wish to find Importance details for the Commerce Education main subject of Commerce account, Eco and business studies going to tell you about it.

Important Points for Exam Point of View

Accountancy in the subject of accounting we can take easily good marks Because there is a mark for performa. You can make good performance or format at in exam and remember to carry some of the useful things like the pencil and a scale because this is very important in accountancy exam.  In the question must mention the Debit balance and credit balance because they both come & 1 carries 1 marks.

About the Commerce 

In all the equation do not forget to write accountancy name like depreciation, account disclosure. Recognition account & balance sheet. So please don’t take the stress and more toward other question always write neatly and always your working note also because the teacher can see working note and then give you Marks.

Micro Economics & Macro Economics

Macro Economics is a branch of economics field that studies How the to aggerate economics behave. In macro accounting, a variety of Economics wide phenomena is roughly explained in such as inflection price level,  the rate of growth, national income & Gross Domestic. Product change in and unemployment this is the based on the number.

Macroeconomics is a branch of economics 

Macroeconomics is a branch of economics. In the studies the behavior of individual and firm in mainly decision regarding the location of resources and interaction among these individuals and firms. This subject fully based on theory and Graph.

Commerce main subject

In the Commerce third main subject is Business Studies and it’s is the favorite subject.  Because this subject is directly connected with daily life & depend on the market, enterprise it organization etc. Business is an organization or economic system.  Where goods and service exchanges to each other in the term of Money. every business required firm of investment and enough customer to whom its output can be sold and consists basically in the order or make a profit. business can be probably on owned not for profit or state-owned. 


Exam of Economics most of the students are reacted like a fool they can make the minor mistake in the questions so please read the question 2 times then write the answer on your answer sheet. In this exam pencil and Scale is compulsory because you make a graph. In the economics exam, you should try to make a graph or a table in its answer because graph gets more marks. There’s also compulsory to explain the graph or a table. when you solve the number question you will also write the formula. 

here we are going to explain some of the important points for the studying & achievement good marks in the Commerce stream. first of all, I will tell you what is the meaning of Commerce. Commerce is the activity of the buying and selling especially on a large scale. Commerce include labels economics political science, a cultural and Technical system that is operated in any country or internationally.

important subjects accountancy

Basically, commerce is the group of three subjects which are most important subjects accountancy, accountancy is the first main subject of a Commerce in this subject we find the balance sheet, profit, and losses.  why be gain and loss.  

In this subject, there is a many topics like a partnership,  company. This subject is not difficult at all, but I had students can think Accountants is the difficult subject accounting has the survey field that finances accounting management, quality textualization & Accountants information system. 

Hardest subject in commerce

Economics is the second hardest subject in commerce field many of the students can essential result in this subject. This subject to the theoretical as well numerical also. In the subject period the science that deals with product,  distribution and the consumer. goods and services or a material Welfare of the numerical the study of the economy can be provided valuable knowledge for the marking decision everyday life economics is that to fill first the microeconomics and the second is the microeconomics

Business in the exam of business the question is the correct 4 or 3 question

every question has two parts so the attention on both parts, because both where are the compulsory & question which you have to write meaning, definition and precaution &  importance. profit and at the end conclusion. It’s  definition & writes the scientist name who find that. In business subject, all chapter are correlated with each other so don’t be confused and try to make a diagram. also to clear find all the things importance of it.

Carrer Scope of Commerce Student 

Commerce prepare students can opt their career in banking, insurance,  service and manufacturing & firms, real estate and Consulting, government job&  Govt agency and nonprofit organization. Commerce education also provides an excellent foundation for a student who intends to continue their study beyond the bachelor in BBA & MBA program and public policy & administration. 

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