Common mistake ESL students does while writing a personal statement

By | October 9, 2019

Many time students commit quite insignificant mistakes in writing a personal statement. Thus you should consider some important points before writing a personal statement. Writing Personal or professional Statement is very complicated to determine your ideology to impress your readers. You are advised to avoid 6 mistakes which make the entire impression of your writing. Here is about Common mistake English as a Second Language student does while writing a personal statement

Points which must consider 

  • Strictly adhering to the rules & regulations
  • Your interest areas
  • Your interest areas
  • Not seeking sympathy
  • Stop apologizing all time
  • Fitting everything in one paper
  • Find the right balance

Most students take English as a second language Because English is the most important Language and it is used globally.  Here we have covered some of the points which ESL Students must take care while writing answer or statement. 

Strictly adhering to the rules & regulations

While writing a personal statement do keep in mind all the technical requirements, word counts limitations. The institute makes such rules to keep the uniformity among the students thus sticking to such rules is of utmost importance. Therefore the students to strictly stick to the rules related to the particular font, word count, specific file type. It forms a kind of first impression in front of the application committee. Thus stick to the guidelines provided to you by them.

Common mistake ESL students does in a personal statement,

Common mistake ESL students do in a personal statement

Your interest areas

The institute is interested in knowing your interest areas. Thus the students should be quite clear and specific in conveying your plans, desires, goals, your favourite hobbies and activities you pursue in. Opening about your interest areas in front of admission authorities will help them to understand in a much more better manner and you shall be able to explain your ideologies in front of them.

Not seeking sympathy

It’s human nature to gain sympathy from others in order to get their work done but professionally doing this will only hamper your future growth in the particular institute. Students should not involve in using sympathy stories from the admission committee. Learn to remain professional in front of the admission committee. Try to tell them your enriched experience but don’t ever convert it into a sob story at all.

Stop apologizing all time

In order to get admission in an institute, most students keep on apologizing which is not considered to be good professional behaviour.  Chances are you might have faced many failures, not much experienced yet thus don’t indulge in the petty habit of apologizing. Never make excuses in front of officials.  You are here to seek admission and have to prove yourself the best applicant. Even if you have to apologize for something do it in a professional manner and convey the message of how such particular situation helped you in your better growth and understanding.

Fitting everything in one paper

The institute is always interested in knowing things related to studies from an aspiring student. Thus refrain from writing your whole biography, your personal stories of shifting to different colleges and all other non-important stuff and therefore it will quite apt for the students to stick to all things that are relevant to the studies like reasons for seeking admission in particular institution.

Find the right balance

While writing the personal statement the student must ensure that they strike the perfect balance in their interest area and conveying the same to the institution authorities. You need to assure the institution about your capabilities and make sure you demonstrate your self best in front of them in assuring that how you will benefit the institution. Make sure you give the impression about the goals of that particular institution and how you will able to achieve the same for them.

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