Computer Science Important Questions Objective and short and long questions

By | January 2, 2020

BSEB 12th Computer Science Model Paper which helps students for the practice. While doing the practice with the model sets students able to understand the level of the questions. Here we have provided the Computer Science Model Questions Paper from it students can do the practice. For the better examination preparation of the BSEB CS Exan students are also suggested to download the official model paper question paper and do practice with that also. 

BSEB Computer Science Previous year Questions paper 

Students can also buy the questions bank for all subject for science stream or stream for which they are studying. Model paper with previous year examination questions set can download from the nearby market with 50% discount. 

Computer Science Bihar Board Class 12th  

  1. Which is the Linear Data Structure?
  2. 2. What is Double?
  3. DAT is ….?
  4. AND is?
  5. Which SQL is a command
  6. In Dimensional Array exist
  7. Which stack is output function?
  8. Does abstraction mean?
  9. …. Function of polymorphism
  10. Object is
  11. Boolean operator is
  12. Hexadecimal number system base on?
  13. 2 indicate on Input Boolean?
  14. Which one is DCL Command in SQL?
  15. Which is used to modify SQL Command?
  16. Which is network protocol?
  17. Which one is not a computer network medium?
  18. C++ is a
  19. “i.o steam . h “ is
  20. Which one is not computer topology?
  21. CLASS is
  22. Procedure is
  23. Programming adds
  24. Does SOP stand for?
  25. Domain name is
  26. An FTP is?
  27. GSM is related to?
  28. KB is map unit of?
  29. An Antivirus is?
  30. A firewall is related to
  31. ABS () function what gives output
  32. Does the division operator indicate by?
  33. Group by clause
  34. Note pad is?
  35. MAX () function give output?
  36. Which is the syntax of header file include?
  37. Which one is C++ identifier
  38. Which one is the address operator?
  39. What used for comment in C++?
  40. Does the computer network depend on?
  41. Which one shows the set of values relationship?
  42. In Boolean Algebra OR operation in which step completed?  

Short Answer type questions

In C++ how to use Arithmetic operation and use it.

Explain the Public Visuality mode

Explain the searching method?

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