Craze for Government Job Why | Reason for high demanding of Govt Job in India

By | September 23, 2019

In India, there is too much craze for the government job. It should be Here we have covered why Indian youngster wishes to go behind the government job let’s know in details. 

Increasing Government Job Demand

In an interesting case recently an IIT post-graduate in metallurgical engineering has turned down the high profile jobs that gave status in the society instead have opted for working with Indian Railways as a track maintainer for which the highest qualification is class 10th pass out. This has eventually raised the questions regarding the demand for government job among the youth.

The IIT graduate has cited “ job security” as the main reason behind such a drastic decision of himself. It is here that the importance of the government job is can be easily understood. The unemployment rate in India has been on an increasing scale and no reform & plans of the government are able to create job demand for aspiring people.

Reason for Government Job High Demand 

People hence look for private jobs as its better to earn little money with much hard work instead of remaining unemployed. But the reality is everyone just yearn to be a government employee. The scenario is completely changed and today’s youth are running behind madly in search of a government job.

So let’s point out some benefits and reason behind why a person looks for government job:-

Pay of government jobs are always higher than private jobs

Even the state government jobs offer the best salaries. Even the post with that requires the latest qualification offers the person not less than Rs 20,000. What else you can ask for more.

Job security, stability and status

Indians are obsessed with government jobs for it offers prestige that private job fails to give. Plus it also offers a person home, free family healthcare and a good pension. What else you can ask for more.

Doesn’t requires high qualification

The best part about government jobs is it doesn’t require the person with high qualifications, unlike private jobs where there is so much stress on the qualification of the person.

Lack of quality in private jobs

Most Indians admit the fact that private job employers do churn all the hard work from the employees with little time for their personal life. Most private job employees complain about not getting leaves easily unlike what happens in the government job.

What you think about the government job, Let us know through the comment. 

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