diet routine for students appearing for Boards

By | October 13, 2019

It’s very genuine for the students to get a panic attack, being stressed out during the exams. It is a crucial time for them to increase their concentration power. Thus often students due to exam pressure neglect to intake good nutrition and often get prone to wrong food habits that do hamper their health and affect their exams too and eventually lead to less concentration power.

Diet Tips for Board Appearing Students 

Every student goes through a lot of mental stress during exams and this stress is ultimately reflected in their exam results where they get fewer numbers. So this article will help them in increasing their concentration level and how to improve it.

Therefore the student is advised to indulge in the right kind of food and drink that can keep them energized all through the exam schedule. Thus below are few food habits or say rules that a student can follow to achieve success in their exams and can keep them stress free all time :-

  • Every meal is important especially Breakfast

Most of the time the student is so indulged in preparation of exams that they tend to skip the meals. But instead of skipping the meals student should highly consider the importance of eating at regular intervals. Keeping a constant supply of glucose help you to increase your concentration level.

  • Keeping hydrated yourself all time

Often students due to the stress of exams neglect their health and thus reduce the intake of water during such period. This leads to dehydration and does affect the concentration level of students. Therefore students should timely intake water plus fruit juices, herbal tea. These things will refresh them and help them keeping stress free.

  • Power packed snacks

Besides taking proper meals whole students should also take snacks that are healthy and full of nutrition like eating the yoghurt-based dish, mixed nuts, fruit mix and a lot more. Such food items will boost their energy level and will increase their productivity too.

  • Learn to rest

The popular saying is “ All work and no play made Jack a dull boy”. This is true in real terms too. In order to excel in exams students often indulge in continuous study hours forgetting to rest in a while which ultimately leads to an increase in their rest. Therefore students should proper naps between study hours and a good sleep overnight is highly recommended by nutritionist.

  • Avoid unhealthy food practices

It’s a natural human behaviour that we give preference to taste over healthy food. This habit harms the person in the long run. Therefore students should refrain from such types of food that are unhealthy like intake of oily foods, high intake of caffeine, junk foods, chocolates, energy drinks. Such foods can negatively affect the exam performance of the students.

  • Power of exercising

As soon as exams come nearer and nearer the level of stress also goes high and thus student start having anxiety and panic a lot. This can be reduced by light excursing, meditation. Such things keep the stress out and students feel more refresh and relaxed.  

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