Difference between Degree Course and Diploma Course | Diploma Vs Degree

By | August 11, 2018
Hello Students! Hope you are doing well. Student life is one of the most adventurous and entertaining life where we learn a lot but it also brings up lots of confusion. Confusion makes our student’s life more difficult.

Difference between Degree Course and Diploma Course

One of such confusion we face when we want to do some courses. We get confused with lots of options available for all of us one such confusion, which is better/more suited for me to do Degree Course or Diploma Course. 
I know, we all go through with this question. With the intent of eliminating this confusion, we are writing this article for you. After the end of this article, you will be quite sure to choose between Degree and Diploma Course.  

What is the Degree Course?

The degree course is structured to provide general education after 10+2. It is designed to be long-term usually of 3/4 years depending upon the different discipline and fields of study.  Degree courses are awarded by Recognized University or Institutions.
Different types of Degree Courses
Associate Degree: an Associate degree is the shortest form of a degree course to train students. This course is structured for students who have less time and wants to train themselves for an industry job. The specialty of an associate degree is after completion of associate degree you can enroll yourself to complete 4-year Bachelors degree course.
Others after completing associate degree courses directly go to work in the industry. Various Community colleges, 4-year bachelors degree providing colleges provides associate degree course.
Bachelors Degree: Bachelors degree is a most conventional form of higher education where after completion of senior secondary (Inter exam). Bachelors degree course takes 3 or 4 years depending upon the subject/field of study to complete. After the completion of Bachelors Degree Course, students can either go for Masters Degree or go to industry for work. 
Masters Degree: Masters Degree is more advanced and specialized form of study. Usually, it takes 2 years to complete any Masters Degree. Students after completion of Masters Degree supposed to hold the command of subjects. Masters Degree holders have options to do Ph.D. in their fields of study.
Doctoral Degree: Doctoral Degree is the highest form of study in Indian Education System. Students can do a Doctoral degree after completion of Masters Degree. Doctoral Degree takes around 4 to 6 years to complete. Whoever wants to complete their Ph.D. need to be really patient to complete. 
Advantages of Degree Courses: Degree Courses will provide you more opportunity after completion of the degree. Although it will take more time compared to Diploma Courses.

Then What is the Diploma Course?

The diploma course is a short-term course varying from 6 months to 3 years. You can enroll yourself in diploma just after secondary education i.e metric pass. The purpose of the Diploma course is to provide the training of students in a particular field. 
There are different types of Diploma Course although we can segregate it into majorly two types. 
Graduate Diploma: Graduate diploma courses are more popular in India. You can enroll for graduate Diploma Courses after Matriculation. Afer completion of Graduate Diploma, you can get a lateral entry in Graduation also. The main advantage of Graduate diploma courses is having it flexibility i.e you can get a direct job after Graduate diploma courses completion. 
The course duration for Graduate Diploma course is 2 to 3 years. Popular courses after 10th and 12th are Polytechnic Courses. 
Post Graduate Diploma: Postgraduate diploma courses are done after graduation. The duration of the Post Graduate Diploma consists of 6 months to 2 years. Post Graduate Diploma courses are also known as PGDCA, PGDM etc.
 Post Graduate Diploma course is done by students who want to excel in the particular field and enhance their professional and technical knowledge. Such courses help students to improve their profession and knowledge. 
Conclusion: Students need to understand that both Degree and Diploma Courses are useful and can be done according to their need and interests. 

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