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By | February 22, 2017

Here is the Bihar board inter exam 21st Feb 2017 Group C question and their solution. Bihar board is the exam conducting body in the Bihar it is working for the providing educational class.  It is working for the conducting the exam from the students of 10th & 12th Class. So here we have provided the link to download the Bihar board Inter exam English 100 marks question and solution. 

Group C

15.Read the following sentences and state whether the are true or false:

A. There must have been a time when homo sapiens was a very rare species.

B. The ways of managing childbirth in traditional societies are not many and varied.

16. Name the authors of the following prose pieces:

A. I have a dream

B. The earth

C. A pinch of snuff

17. Write the summary of any one of the following pieces:

A. How free is the press

B. Ideas that have helped mankind

C. A marriage proposal

Group D

18. Name any five English dramatists:


Name any five Indian English novelists.

19. Discuss the importance of English in India


Write a short note on English as a world language.

20. Name the authors of the followings works:

a. Othello

b. The Canterbury tales

c. The paradise lost

d. The wasteland

e. The rivals.

Above all the question of BSEB 10+2 Bihar board inter exam LL English 100 marks question and their answers.

You can match your answer of Bihar board English subjects. Group A/B/C/D.

3 A – was writing

B- had left

C- had returned

9. a- The car is so expensive that it can not be bought.

B- Can their glory ever false?

C- A man cannot live for ever.

12- A – John Donne

B-  T.S. Eliof

C- Water de la Mere

D- John Keats

E- O.H Auden


a- IV


C- I



15  A- True

    B- True

16- a – Martin Luther King Jr

B- H.E. Beats

C- Manohar Manglokar

18- A William Shakeshpear

B- G.B. Shaw

C- T.S Eliof

d- Samues Beckelt

e- Christofor Maslowe.

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For more answer click on the link provided.

1- a Authors belief is that if the Nazi won, cutlure would be destroyed in England.

B- “She refers to Germany”

C- The cuture of Germans is not governmental.

D- The culture of England has developed slowly, easily and lazily.


Lincon, the 16th President of USA, Archived astute leadership in American civil war, He fought for the suppressed people. He remarkable achievement was preserving the union, abolishing slavery and strengthing the federal government.


English is read and spoken all over the world by a large number of people because all the countries of the world were the slave of the British for serval years who spread English very well. English is known as world language or an international language. It is also liking languages as well the scientific very inventions and discover were fond in English. Most important part of it is that when you wish to make the impression in the society then you must know English as well you should to understand the English and speak English. For the more youngest English is need to impress the Girl. If you and speak in English then you can easily impress the girls. Joke apart for the official communication we should know very well English.

For answer of 17 no quesiton download images or click on the link

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