How a Language Help students in the deep understanding subject

By | August 30, 2018

Hello Friends !! Hope you are doing good and learning every new aspect of life graciously. Do you know the Language can play a central role in the understanding of subject matter? Yes, you read it correctly In this article, we are going to discuss How a Language Help students in the deep understanding subject. 

Language Help Students in Understanding How

Even in practical subjects like Science and Mathematics where we have a natural perspective that these practical subjects involve more with experimentation but language help students in the deep understanding subject. 

Importance of Language can be felt as although experiments can be done but effective learning and understanding need written textbooks or instructions given in the classroom orally.

Study in Known Language can be helpful how 

Even while doing practicals, there is a need for language as the teacher will explain the practicals or students might have questions to ask.

It has been researched by educators that most of the learning occurred in the classroom through the interaction which makes the role of language important again. In nutshell knowledge of the language is important in understanding the subject deeply.

Without the good knowledge of the language, neither teacher can explain or students can understand the subject matter effectively hence it is quintessential to build learning environment.

Why learning in the mother tongue is better?

Most of the Asian and African countries, students are taught subjects in a language other than mother tongue. For eg. In India, there are major 22 languages and over 720 dialects.

The language used for teaching and training is in English. While most of the students use mother tongue in their home and English is their second or third language so it makes difficult to deeply understand the subject.

Most of the Indian Students are weak in English so it makes them difficult to understand the subject even when they have an ability to understand the subject.

How a Language Help students in the deep understanding subject?

Students learning in their mother tongue have an advantage over those students who study in other than mother tongue.

Educators have found out that in the understanding of subject non-mother tongue students have to learn both technical words which are specific to the subject while non-technical words which helps them to understand the subject matter.

Students often confuse understanding with learning. Understanding is just the first step of learning. Understanding comes by observing with concentration when something is being done.

Precisely while understanding the subject, students should be proficient in language so that s/he can focus on technical words related to subject matter.

Language for understanding subjects 

First, you understand the subject then you do it yourself when you do it practically then actually you learn it.

While Expertise of subject comes when you practice your learning again and again.
For eg. First step is to understand the mathematics subject problems and solution with concentration.

Next Step is to practice the similar understood questions over and over again that’s Learning.

And once you practice your learning again and again then you have expertise it. That’s how someone becomes Experts!

Conclusion: Students are suggested to learn the language of teaching and training graciously which will help you in a deep understanding of the subject. 

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