How govt of Bihar can increase passing percentage in Matric exam

By | September 7, 2018

Hello Students! Today we are going to share the important information for all of you. All the students going to appear in matric and Inter examination must be prepared well but Do you know Bihar School Examination Board is among the worst board in the country?

BSEB How to increase passing percentage in Board Exam 

If we consider the passing percentage of Bihar board. This is unfortunate we all want to know How the Govt of Bihar can increase the passing percentage in matric exam. What steps should Bihar govt take to improve the passing percentage in matric and inter exams? In this article, you will know the very insights of Bihar board which will help you in better understanding.

Know the reason of Bihar Board worst performance

There are various reasons due to which Bihar Board performs one of the worst performances in Matric and Inter Examination.

Some of them are well-known cheating, Attitude of students towards exams, Tough syllabus etc.

Steps by BSEB to increase the passing % in Matric and Inter Exam

Fortunately, Bihar Board is also aware of this concern. Some good steps were taken by Bihar Board which are:

BSEB How to increase passing percentage in Board Exam 

Introduction of Objective Type Questions: From Last Year, Bihar Board has introduced the objective type questions for matric and inter exam. Now, 50% weight of question paper comes from objective type questions so students have good opportunity to score better. This step helps a lot to a student in performing better in the matric and inter examination.

Reducing the passing percentage marks: Another significant step taken by Bihar Board to improve the result was reducing the passing percentage to 30% aggregate compared to 33% last year. Now, matric students have to score 150 marks to qualify for the matric exams.

Such steps helped to improve the Bihar board matric exam result as this year Bihar Board Matric result declaration passing percentage improved significantly. Almost 18% Passing percentage improved compared to last year Bihar board matric exam result.

How the govt of Bihar can increase the passing percentage in matric exam

There is no doubt that in the last few years govt of Bihar has taken steps to improve the passing percentage but few more steps need to be taken some of them are

1) Irresponsible attitude of government schools and colleges: Apart from a few government-sponsored schools and colleges there is no good infrastructure or quality of education. The staff is more than happy to have a government job and least interested in being responsible for shaping the future of their students.

The government educational committees are also least caring about it. Nobody gives a damn! They don’t create any motivation amongst students either. Bihar Govt needs to ensure there should not be any destructive attitude of staff members. Bihar govt also need to administer that all the funds allotted to school and colleges should be properly used for the development of students future.

2) Carefree attitude of students: You will agree to me that for years there is a legacy passed to students from one batch to another. There are very few students who are serious about the study and take education as an opportunity and became really successful otherwise In general students are a really carefree attitude.

Such kind of behavior and attitude grows because they learned it from the immediate environment in family, friends, and school. You will hear this line and “dekh Liya jayega” attitude has a deep impact on the future of education in Bihar. We will have to change this approach from students.

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3) Tough syllabus: There is no hidden fact that Bihar Board Matric and Inter syllabus Is tough compared with famous CBSE or ICSE board. In most of the cases, students become hopeless and couldn’t prepare for it with the whole heart.

4) Attraction towards ICSE and CBSE schools: people who are good on financial terms or the value of education put their children in CBSE/ICSE which is really easy and unfortunately the people who don’t have much choice or have difficult backgrounds are enrolled in government schools. They tend to succumb to the pressure because of their respective situation. Presence of such CBSE and ICSE board also impacts as good students always study in those CBSE or ICSE Board.

5) Cheating: Most of the students fail because the process of conducting exam is toughened and maximum could not clear it. So, unfortunately, they chose other misconducts such as Cheating. It is sad that even teachers and own parents promote this shortcut so obviously, the child will think there is no use for working hard. Because of the sorry situation, we have to see such shameful visuals day in day out during Bihar Board Examination.

If we can improve on these raised points that’s how govt of Bihar can increase the passing percentage in matric exam. 

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