How opposite gender friend can be beneficial for student || Need of opposite gender friend

By | August 31, 2018
We live in a society living with both male and female. Coexistence of male and female work together, study together participate in social activities and cause together. We cannot imagine living separately. Yet despite the need and harmonious coexistence we often develop misconception that friendship with opposite gender is not productive. 
Researchers have proved that

how the opposite gender friend can be beneficial for the student 

Especially because students hit their puberty and start growing interest towards opposite gender so students should be taught how opposite gender friend can be beneficial and the significance of making friend with opposite gender. In this article, you will learn the benefits and need of opposite gender friend.  

How opposite gender friend can be beneficial for student?

  • Friendship with the opposite gender doesn’t mean you are dating or in love. Sometimes when you are students and having an opposite gender friend then it can be very much possible that you both are a very good friend without dating or falling in love. 


  • Friendship with the opposite gender makes your life more complete and helps you to feel good about yourself.
  • Friendship with opposite gender helps you to learn more about yourself which is sometimes not possible with same-gender friendship this is something I have experienced it in my own life. 
  • You learn a lot about the qualities of the opposite gender which in turn helps you in a future life. While getting along with the opposite gender you understand about them which makes your more matured. 
  • Friendship with opposite gender students can widen their vision and become a broad-minded person. 
  • Students will improve the interpersonal skills by conversing with the opposite gender to great effect. That will enrich the social life which is pretty important considering today’s dynamics. 
If you are among those students who understand the benefit and need of opposite gender friend but somehow not able to get along with opposite gender and make friends then read further I am giving you tips on making opposite gender friend. 

How to make an opposite gender friend? 

Try to understand another person: Conventionally we have been told that Men tend to be tough, independent, strong, sensible while women having qualities of sensitive, weak, emotional but don’t make preassumption based on such theories. You should communicate properly to understand him or her. Don’t stereotype the opposite gender. Communication skill plays an important role in a better understanding of the opposite gender. 
Find out the similar interests: Each person is unique so is their habits but in order to establish friendship try to find out some similar interest so that you can start spending time with them. If you are a male student then go with her for similar interesting activities such as dancing, singing that can be great ways to break the ice. 
Respect each other: For any relationship, it is quintessential to respect each other as it becomes more natural to have such respect while establishing a friendship with the opposite gender. We should respect each other’s family backgrounds, accept others weaknesses, cherish their strengths. 
Conclusion: While you are a student it is very natural to get attracted towards the opposite gender. Having opposite gender friends have own benefits but you should be sincere while making friends with them as the wrong person can spoil your future life also. Friends can be in any shape, size, and gender so having a good friend is good and having opposite gender as your best friend is even better so enjoy the process of learning and advancing with each other support. 
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