How Self Analysis will help you as student || Student self Assessment Benefits

By | August 13, 2018
Do you know the person who knows you best? Think!
No, That person is not your parents, not even your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Are you interested to know about that person who knows you best? 
Do this activity
Get up and look into the mirror. 
can you see anyone in the mirror?  

Yes, That’s you, my dear friend. You’re are the one who knows you best.
More often than not, we forget the most important person in our life i.e, ourselves. You can do wonders if you understand self-importance. 
I will suggest you one activity to do every now and ever. That activity is known and Self Assessment. If you learn how to self-assessment then you are halfway through your every problem. 

What is the Student Self Assessment?

Student Self-assessment is the activity of assessing your own actions, activities, attitudes, behaviours. Student Self Assesment involves evaluation of learning growth/progress and improvements. 
By the activity of self-assessment students can sense their true level of understanding in their studies. 
Self Assessment will help students greatly in their improvement. Some of the important changes will be:
Self-assessment will help students to set up realistic goals in their studies. For instance, if you were thinking to do good in maths and wants to score 95 in upcoming Bihar Board Exam but after the process of self-assessment got to know that still, you need to understand many topics so by this self-assessment you should make the realistic target of scoring 60 marks rather 95 in the exam. 

Students can understand which areas need to focus on learning 

Self Assessment will help all students to better understand the weak areas of learning. At times students don’t recognize their weak areas so they continue to practice their stronger areas only which will not happen after self-assessment.
Revise your Work
As a student, you will be able to continuously revise your work. We all know the importance of revising the study we have done. Self Assessment helps to revise the work on a regular basis which is key to success in any examination.

Track the growth of learning

Self Assessment helps to track the growth of learning where they lack. By tracking the growth of study, students can speed up their learning growth.
The process of self Assessment will clearly help you improve your performance in studies. 
            Article by
Deepak Jha (Content Head) 
Netwarlogy Web Private Limited
(NET Qualified Aspirants)
We advise to do this self-assessment and write us down in the comment section about your experiences. 🙂

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