How social Networking sites are spoiling the student’s career

By | August 24, 2018

While Nobody can deny the importance of social networking sites which helps people to stay connected. But the ill effects of social networks are increasing in India rapidly.

How social Networking sites are spoiling the student’s career 

Very few people know that Social Networking became popular in India way before the inception of Facebook. Social Networking world starts with the use of hi5 then Orkut further Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn grew its popularity. 

There is no doubt that social networking sites have helped so many people in their brand promotion with very little capital or creating a good social cause or connecting with loved ones but one cannot deny that we waste hell lots of time and it is even more applicable for students. There are so many reasons to support my answer which I will share one by one.

Wastage of time

Time is the most precious commodity of human life and we are wasting it like anything. Situations are becoming quite alarming as we often take out time even by sacrificing our family times to waste it on social media.

Mostly students while surfing or studying online suddenly get attracted to using social media sites (connecting to their friends) and immersed so much into it that they forget what they were doing on the internet. It wastes hell lots of their time idle.
Lacking in real people interaction skills. 

As we all are so much into social media sites that we forget there is a real world beyond social networking sites. Students spend hours and hours in the virtual world and due to lack of exposure in the real world, they lack in communication and interaction skills.

Adverse effects on health

Spending hours on social networking sites not only students waste their precious time but also it affects health. Often forget to take a proper meal. Now students avoid outdoor activities which are quite important for growing kids.

Researches conclude those students spend loads of time on social media develops mental disorders, aggressiveness and gradually become antisocial.
Overuse of Social Networking sites makes students more prone to anxiety, depression and other psychological disorderliness which affects their learning capabilities too.

Weaken family bond

Addiction to Social Media not only affect the person who is engaged with it but also the family members. Spending more time on social media will give less time to a family which in turn affect their family bond.

There are numerous other quite apparent disadvantages of using social networking sites. In nutshell, I will suggest abstaining from social media as much as possible.

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