How Students Can Contribute to Society

By | August 23, 2018

We often hear that all alone what changes can I bring to society or how can I contribute to society as I am needy, poor, young, small etc. But all such statements are mere excuses as we all know a single drop of water also contributes to huge gigantic ocean similarly small efforts of our will surely help the society for better. 

How Students Can Contribute to Society

Our first Vice President Dr. Radhakrishnan said, “Today’s youth is tomorrow’s nation” and what kind of Nation will head to depend on the capability and humanity of our Youth. Who is our Youth? Students are the youth Dr. Radhakrishnan referred to.

Great responsibility and hope

Students of the country have great responsibility and hope in the future. How will our nation progress depend on the willpower and capability of the today’s students? That makes it immensely crucial for students to cultivate greater purposes in life and start contributing to our great nation. Student’s life is a great learning curve whatever learn today will become the personality of the stature. 

Education enables students to understand the responsibilities of society. Education should not stop by merely learning facts at school but being responsible towards society too. 
Today, there are many initiatives students can take to contribute to society few of among them are 

Plant a Tree 

As a student you must be aware that day by day pollution is increasing majorly because of excessive deforestation so we should prevent it as much as possible to plant a tree. A healthy plant neutralizes millions of tons of carbon dioxide emitted in our environment.  Plant a tree is the nobles contribution you can make to society. 

Become Better Human

By becoming a better human, productive in your studies, good behaviour at home and home, helping needy people make society a better place to live. We all know how badly criminal or drug addicts affect our society so pledge to be always better human. 

Donate Blood 

As a responsible citizen of society, you must be aware that we lost many lives lost because of a shortage of blood. We can save those lives by donating blood regularly. Donating blood regularly will not help the needy person but it also helps you as you will be under constant observation of infectious diseases such as HIV and others. 
Note: If you are less than 17 or not healthy then please don’t donate blood. 

Save Natural Resources 

As you are young, should always try to waste natural resources such as fuel as much as possible by walking, cycling or using public transport. Encourage other people also to take such initiatives as the population of the country is sprouting like anything but natural resources are limited. 

Conclusion: By adopting such habits we can contribute greatly to the society. I hope you will take a few of the points and apply it in your life too. 

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