How to access Digital Locker | Which document can be upload in DigiLocker | Details of Digital Locker

By | September 22, 2016

After laucnhing of the Digital India aspirants are want to know many things about the digital locker? Befits and how to access of the DigiLocker. so here is every detail of the digital locker section.

What can find inside DigiLocker? 

Inside the DigiLocker many of the features can be found as here described. There is two sector ‘My Documents’.  can find in two sectors one is Digital Documents and another is’Uploaded document’.

Digital Documents: This is the subsection which will contain URI links to e­documents issued to you by Government departments or different other agencies which issued it. It’s detailed as prescribed 

  • Name of the document.
  • URI for the document.
  • Date of issuing the document.
  • Options for sharing the document.

Uploaded document: Second types of document are Uploaded Documents: In this section user can find the document which they have uploaded in their documents like voter ID card, PAN card, driving license etc. Each uploaded document available with information on which:

  • Name of the document.
  • Date on which the document was uploaded.
  • Status of the document which will indicate whether the document has been electronically signed or not.
  • Options for removing or deleting the document.
  • Options for sharing the document.
  • Signature option where a tick mark there can be shown if the document
  • has already been eSigned.
There is also another 5 more sections known as given below

My Profile, Account Settings,Contact Us, My Issuer and My Requester.

My Profile: In this section will extract and display your information from UIDAI database. Information like name, date of birth, mobile number, email, residential address, gender etc. will be displayed.

Account Setting: This is where you user changes password or add social media profiles.

Contact Us: This section will display information about the service and the options that can be used for sending feedback or queries.

My Issuer: This is the section which is designed for displaying information about all issuers who have issued digital documents to you and the list of all documents that have issued to you by different issuers.

My Requester: This is the section that has been designed to display information about all organizations that have request digital documents from your account.

Benefits of using DigiLocker ?

It saves time that was usually required in case of sharing paper documents.

Allows easy organization of documents and quick access to the same.

Allows self­attestation in form of digital signature.

The authenticity of documents is easily validated because they come directly from issuers.

Reduces overhead costs for the government that was previously required for document maintenance.

Reduces carbon footprint by saving trees through an elimination of paper usage.

Documents can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

All that is required is a proper internet connection.

Expedites document processing in cases such as passport creation, income tax filing etc.

How to upload documents  into DigiLocker 

upload your driving license and registration papers:

Download the DigiLocker App on your mobile phone and then sign up and create your account with the app. You will need to provide your mobile number. The app will send you an OTP (One Time Password). Input that and create a username and password to get started with the usage.

Important Note:­ Due to heavy traffic sometimes Digilocker having issues and site seems to be down for some time. Then keep patient and try after some time.

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