How to Avoid Exam Pressure

By | January 27, 2019
Examination time is coming lot’s of students are facing the pressure of exams. Hope that you may want to know How to avoid exam pressure, how to beat exam stress top tips and how to reduce exam stress, How to Deal With Exam Stress. We hope that you find a satisfactory answer of Tips to Reduce Exam Anxiety and How can we reduce the stress of exams. 

For a student, then Exam Pressure is quite a familiar word. Especially during Exam no matter how much you have studied still feel the Exam Pressure. If you are a student, preparing for Board Exam or any other exam then this piece of writing would be very helpful to you.  

How to Come out from Exam Fear 

Through this article, We will study tips on How to Avoid Exam Pressure in detail. Along with it also try to understand how exam pressure can help you to get high marks in the exam. 
How to Avoid Exam Pressure 
Before knowing ways to avoid Exam Pressure. First, understand more about Exam Pressure which will help to deal it better. 
Exam Pressure: It may be defined as a feeling of pressure especially during revision time of Exam or just before an upcoming examination. 
Why do students feel Exam Pressure?
Exam Pressure can be felt by students for various reasons. Top reasons among them are: 
Causes of Exam Stress
  • Students need to learn and revise lots of topic before an examination. That creates pressure for learning and retain everything as soon as possible. 
  • Most of among you, take Exam as a war which is not true. There is no denying that Exam is very important in student life but Exam is just a part of the study curriculum which tests your knowledge. 
  • Exam brings uncertainty about the Exam Result, Question Paper, and various other questions. (Even we get more than 90% of questions from students only about exam related which shows the exam fear among students.)

As you can observe Exam is not as dangerous. It is the students who are going to appear for an examination make it that way. Any students suffering from Exam Pressure then We highly recommend following below ways to put those negative exam pressure to one side. 

Ways to Avoid Exam Pressure (Top Tips to Reduce Exam Fear )

Plan your Study Routine 

It was shocking for us to know that Majority of Student never plans for their Study which leads them to very unplanned for Exams. The absence of Planning will not help you to prepare for the Exam.Top tips for exam
To reduce Exam Fear, you should have a proper personal plan for Study Routine.  Students studying with their Planned Study routine will feel more motivated and confident after each day progress. Study Routines also help you to track your preparation. 
Tips on Planning Study Routine 
Always include regular breaks during your study session. Such kind of small 5-7 minutes break after 1-hour intense study helps in relaxing the mind and retaining the information you studied. 
Take Enough Sleep 
Most of the students during the Exam Time always neglect their Study. If you are among those who think that you can sleep enough after the Exam and not taking enough sleep then start to take Enough Sleep.
How to avoid exam pressure
It has been scientifically proven, Students in Exam Fear spend nights sleepless as a result brain and body doesn’t get proper rest. Less Sleep will only increase your exam stress.
Take Enough rest, your body and mind will feel energized to study with more productivity and good memorization. 

Tips on Taking Enough Rest

If you are a high school student then aim to take at least 7-8 Hours of sleep. It is preferable to sleep early around 9 pm and wake up in the morning around 4 am. Always try to sleep around the same time in the night it helps your body to take sound sleep.
Above two are major ways to reduce exam fear. Along with there are some little activities which will help you to perform better on the exam. Some of them are 
Listen to Good Music 
During the break time of routine. Listen good classical Music it will improve your mood and helps you to study longer.
Calm your Mind Through Meditation 
As a student, you should make Meditation as part of life. Meditation will not only pacify mind but also improves your concentration. 
Eat Healthily 
It is very important to eat healthily. After all, you don’t like to be sick during exam time. 
Stay Away from Distraction 
I know Friends, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram are an important part of life. But Everything can wait not your Exam. So give your exam a priority and stay away from such distraction. 
Note: I am sure following the above points will help you immensely in beating your Exam Fear. 

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