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By | August 16, 2018
Let’s imagine a situation what kind of world would have been if all the human experiences couldn’t have been translated into words? 
The world would have been pretty incomplete. Then do you know who made this world so beautiful? The ones who translated every human experience into beautiful words in the form of stories, poetry, and other literary works. 
Yes, those are writers! 
Do you know how to become a writer in India? I am not here to provide you with information about the courses by enrolling in you will get a degree. But to become a writer you need correct pathways by following such tips and tricks only then you can be an effective writer. 

How to become a writer? 

Choose what you want to write 
The very first task in the journey of becoming a writer is by identifying what you want to write about? Otherwise, there’s a very large field of writing such as Fiction, Non-fiction, poetry etc. 
I will suggest you write about the topic about which you can read a lot and create a passion for it. Without passion and tireless reading, you will not be able to bring out best in you.
Please note I am not asking you to confine yourself with just single topic or field rather explore yourself but the good starting point will be to start off with the field you are passionate about. 

Learn by Reading Reading and Reading 

If you truly want to be an effective writer then this is the most important quality you need to adopt i.e reading habits. You should read a lot about the topic inspire you. By reading only you can gain the lots of knowledge which will help you with writing. 

How to become a good writer 

Every good writer has this habit of reading a lot. I will suggest to immerse yourself into the habits of reading. Try to find out the intention of the writer behind choosing any words/phrase. Develop the understanding that how a writer evolves their character in his novel. How the poem is getting structured. 
Don’t read it just for the sake of reading rather read so that you can learn from it. Learn so that you can write about it. 
Once make up your mind follow these tips which will help you

Write about what you know 

Start your personal project by writing the topics which you already know. If you will be more familiar with some topics then would be really easy to start with. In case you don’t know then gather information by reading, googling. The idea is to have more information and extract better information into your writing 

Structure your writing 

Next step is to structure your writing. Once you gather enough information and wants to write than before writing you should structure writing. You should pre-plan how to begin, reaching climax, finding conclusion etc. Whenever I start writing an article, I always frame my article where I know how will I begin, present information and how will I put an end to it. 
We wish you best for your this adventurous journey 🙂

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