How to Become an Engineer in India || Steps to Become Successful Engineer

By | August 16, 2018
If you are Indian then you cannot get away with this question in your school life. Every people surrounds you to see an Engineer.  There is a large population of engineers in India there’s no doubt about it but the real questions should be Is it worth to become an engineer now? 

How to Become an Engineer

How to become an engineer in India or steps to becoming a successful engineer is only for those who fit into it. 

This article is for all such students who hold a passion for creating something new stuff and wants to earn a handsome salary (Yes Engineers get paid well ;p) 

What Need to Become an Engineer 

Mathematics should be your love 🙂 
In India, Engineering courses are accessible in undergrad and in addition postgraduate levels. 
One must finish the undergrad level course first. PG course comes after that. 
If you want to pursue an engineering course then there are two options available for your following these you can become an engineer. 
Diploma in Engineering (Just after class 10th)
Bachelor in Engineering or Bachelor of Technology (B.E. or B.Tech.) 

Engineering Course Duration 

Course duration of Diploma in Engineering is of 3 years.
Minimum eligibility for pursuing this course is the completion of 10th Board.  You can pursue this course right after 10th standard from a recognized board. Even after completing your 10th you didn’t opt for this course so you have another opportunity to pursue it after completing your 12th Class(Inter).
Course duration of Bachelors in Engineering or Bachelors in Technology is of 4 years.
Minimum educational qualification for pursuing B.E or B.Tech is of at least 12th Board Pass. But you can only take admission into B.E or B.Tech if you are from Science Stream and studied Mathematics as your main qualifying subject in 12th Standard. So if you want to become an engineer then go with science stream with Mathematics as it is a minimum requirement. 
Becoming an Engineer in India is pretty straightforward steps that I will explain below but more important to understand that Engineering Course has many branches in India which involves completely different sets of study and even after becoming an engineer you will work quite differently. 
Few popular engineering branches in India have such as Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer etc. 
Read the step by step  instructions to become an engineer in India 
Steps to becoming an Engineer (After 12th Board)
As I have already mentioned to you about various engineering branches in India. Every branch has their own pros and cons. It is you who will decide which stream to choose to depend upon your future scope and interests. 
Complete your 12th Board with Science Stream
Very first step, you have to take is to consider your 12th board sincerely. Complete your 12th Board with science stream (having Mathematics as Main Subject) from recognized Board. 
Note: If you have completed Diploma in Engineering then also you can purse B.E or B.Tech (By Lateral entry into the second year of 4 years B.E or B.Tech course)
Crack Engineering Entrance Examinations
Just after the 12th board examination, you need to appear for various engineering entrance examinations in India. Many reputed engineering colleges such as IITs, NITs, BITs conduct entrance examinations. Merely passing in the 12th Board will not be sufficient so you need to score good marks in those entrance examinations also because Universities accept only valid score card of Entrance examinations.
Few Popular Engineering Entrance Examinations are JEE, AIEEE, BITS Pilani etc. 
Participate in Admission Process of Universities
Examination authorities send confirmation of marks with a scorecard to all those applicants who qualified to entrance examinations. Concerned Authority will further conduct the admission process for all qualified students. If you qualify for entrance examinations then you will receive the confirmation with all the details about the participation of the admission process. 
Admission into Engineering College 
Finally, take Admission into Engineering College
Just follow all the prescribed guidelines by University. Provide all the necessary documents with Admission Fee to secure your Admission into Engineering College. 
Complete the Course of Engineering
As I told you earlier Engineering Course (B.E or B.Tech) is a 4-year long course. Total course of 4 years is divided into 8 semesters where the examination will be conducted in the semester system. Pass all exams such as Theory, Practical, Viva etc. to earn an engineering degree. 
After the completion of B.E or B.Tech, you are entitled to be called as an Engineer. After completion of the engineering course, you can start a job in the relevant field or pursue further study of Masters Programme such as M.Tech or MBA.
Most of the engineer wants to go for Research and Training opts for M.Tech Course while for Management they opt MBA course. 
Author Tip: Although most of the Engineer desire to go for a hefty salary in private sector but I would advise them to try for public sector also especially if you have core braches such as Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical.
Note: If you want to know the process of becoming Diploma Engineer then let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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