How to find best Mentor/Teacher for Life

By | August 23, 2018
If you go to anyone who has mastered in their field they will always give due credit to their mentors/teachers who inspired/teaches them to achieve success. Respect and credit given by them is no surprise because mentor/teacher in your life will define the direction where you lead to. 

How to find best Mentor/Teacher for Life

Looking back at the history of humans for every successful warrior like Arjuna, Chandragupta their mentor plays a very significant role in shaping up. Now just observe the success fo any sportsperson their coaches play an important role. 
Relationship of mentor-apprentice, Coach-coachee (Learner) or Teacher-student has always been most sacred and wonderful. Veteran coaches hone the skill of sportsperson through various tips and tricks in order to achieve excellence in their fields, or teacher helps students to learn effectively and perform better in their ensuing examination.

Teacher Helps Students to Learn Effectively 

Even spiritual like Jaggi Vasudev awakens the disciple to know the purposes of life. Great mentor/teacher can transform every seeking student/disciple into a human of value, force, and great success. 
Why am I advocating the need of finding the best mentor/teacher for learning?
In the last 10 years at every phase of my life, I had one or more mentors/teachers to guide me. Without their guidance, perspective, life awakening advice I would not have achieved anything who I am today. 
  • Precisely I completely understand and convince that a great mentor/teacher can provide humongous growth in seeker, learner or student. A true mentor awakens to rise up for greater more loftier purposes in life. 
  • There can be no great life without living it for more loftier purposes. Mentor infuses you with the quality of humility, compassion, hunger for kindness or success.
  • Now, In today’s world as the famous saying goes there’s lots of noise but very few information. Similarly, there seems lots of mentors/teachers but very few are actually a great one. 

How to find Best Mentor for life?

I can suggest a few points which will help you for sure. 
Presence of mentor affect you
There are mentors with whom you will feel the sense of connection merely by their presence. Such mentors ignite the flame of purpose in life that makes you completely devoted to achieving that purpose. Such kind of Mentors are rare to find but they do exist. Try to find such a mentor whose presence affects you. Always remember the learner chooses the mentor It is not the other way around. 

Mentor will not work on your comfort zone

A true mentor will always ignore your excuses and bad habits and will not sympathize with you rather empathize with you. He will always push you to the end of your comfort zone and make you uncomfortable. But always remember that Nothing grows in your comfort zone. A true teacher will break your destructive patterns of life which leads you to nowhere. You will get rewarded with the process of empowering yourself.  
A great teacher always shows it by example 
Any teacher has to be a sincere student in past. No one can become a great teacher without being a student. Such kind of teacher will always involve with self-growth and deepen their experience of life. Without the experience of walking on the path of learning no teacher can understand the process of evolving the student. 
A true teacher will always inspire you to follow your heart. 
Main characteristics of a truly great mentor will inspire and help you to follow your heart. This will always help you to listen to your hearts, instincts, intuition. If you will follow your heart then your inner life will be in harmony and sync with outer life. 

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