How to Improve Handwriting || Tips for how to write in Good Handwriting

By | August 31, 2018

Hello Friends! always focuses on the students. We cover all important topics and information related to students. For a few months, we were receiving many requests about writing how to improve handwriting.

How to Improve Handwriting 

Though in today’s digitalized world the importance of handwriting seems obsolete it cannot be denied that for students appeared in Matric and Inter Examination still have to write the paper so it is important to know about how you can improve handwriting in Hindi too. 

In this post, you will learn various tips on how to improve handwriting. We are sure that the following tips will improve you on your handwriting so read further.
Before we learn tips on how to improve handwriting let’s understand first the importance of good handwriting.

Importance of Good Handwriting

A good handwriting will give you good marks

If you have good handwriting then whatever you write in writing paper will look beautiful in texts. We all know that exam checker has to check many answer sheets so the checker will always be in hurry to check all the answer.

Teacher gives more marks to those students who have good handwriting as it is easier to read and somehow it reduces the task of the teacher to some extent. Most of the time even if students write answer correctly but due to their bad handwriting teacher feel difficult to read it hence doesn’t give full marks despite correct answer.

You will gain confidence

Sometimes Good handwriting becomes a criterion for many opportunities. Such as School selects students for essay writing competition or giving cultural events responsibility. Those having good handwriting have an edge over those who don’t. Selection in such extracurricular activities you will gain confidence and helps in personality development.

Good handwriting can give you better job opportunities

Yes, you read it right! A good handwriting will help in getting a good job. Lots of job selection process involves written test before taking the personal interview. For such written test, they have writing analysts and input of writing analyst affect in the decision making of a company looking for right candidates.

Improve brain sharpness

While we write our brain develops in more than one ways. Now, it is proven that writing helps in stress relief, helps in developing creative ideas, better memory. You will understand better while you write than using technology.

Now as you know the importance of good handwriting so you will definitely want to improve your handwriting.

How to improve handwriting

If you follow simple tips then sure you will improve handwriting.

Analyze your handwriting: First golden tips in the process of improving handwriting is to understand the type of your handwriting. Everyone has a unique style of handwriting so it should have a different process.

Write down a few lines in your notebook and then analyze handwriting.

Observe do your handwriting contains loops and curves or its plain straight line and stiff?: Having loops and curves look better than a straight line and stiff. So adopt the habit of using loops and curves while writing.

Notice whether your handwriting is slanted too much left or right. A slight slant is a perfectly fine but too much look sometimes not symmetric and ugly. You should write in such a way so that it should be close to the perpendicular to the lines.

Check the alignment of written texts, Notice your written texts are in upward and downward direction or written in only one direction.

Mind spaces: While writing there should be perfect spaces in letters and words.
Tips: There should be minimum space possible in letters of the word while there should be space of one letter at least among words. Giving the correct space will make your handwriting beautiful.

Keep in mind the size of letters: You will notice that the size of letters affects the look of handwriting. Too much bigger size and small size letters don’t look good in handwriting. Your handwriting should be neither too big or too small in size.

Put all the improvements in your handwriting: While analyzing your handwriting suggested above take necessary improvement action.

Learn the correct way of holding the pen or pencil: Your style of holding the pen or pencil also impacts your handwriting. Good handwriting is only possible when you hold it correctly it should be between your thumb, index finger and for some middle finger also. Pen or Pencil should behold in the bottom 1/3 part for the better result.

Learn the basic letters: If your handwriting is not good then it can be because you are inconsistent in writing letters and its shapes. You should start practicing letters in a separate workbook. After learning the basic shapes and letters move on to curly letters and shapes.

Practice the combination of Letters: After understanding the basic shapes and letters start practicing with a combination of Upper case and Lower Case Letters.

Practice Hard: After learning the tips of how to improve handwriting you should start practice hard. There is no use of any information without efforts to make it into practice.

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