How To Make Proper Preparation Between Board Exam and Entrance Exam

By | July 27, 2019

While preparing for board exams the most confusing time occurs when you have to sit for entrance exams too at the same time. Very few students could able to balance of preparation between board exams and entrance exams. Students whether studying in different state boards or CBSE find it very difficult to cope up the preparation between competitive exams and state boards intact. In this article, we will share tips on How to make proper preparation between board exam and entrance exam. 

No student can deny the pressure and anxiety of board exams and the simultaneous entrance exam adds up.

The reason for the difficulty in preparing board exams and entrance exams.

How to make Proper Preparation for Board and Entrance Exam 

Students who appear for board exams especially science stream students have great difficulty to deal both board exams and competitive entrance exams. Most prominent reason being that the level of state board exams or central board such as CBSE is quite different.

Syllabus and exam level of board exams are prepared to keep average students in mind. The purpose of the board exam is to offer and encourage the maximum student to succeed in board exams.

While Competitive entrance exams such as IIT, AIPMT, AIEEE etc. are conducted for taking admission in various prestigious engineering and medical colleges. Exam level and syllabus are relatively tough and higher compared to board exams because the purpose of the exam is to filter the most suitable students into the colleges. Even though syllabus is somewhat similar but such entrance exams become quite competitive as the no of seats are limited, students have to fight for securing seats.

Why make proper preparation between board exam and entrance exam

As we know, most of the board exams are conducted in the month of March while competitive entrance exams start in the month of April. That leave students with literally no time to prepare for competitive and board exams separately. In order to succeed in both board exams and entrance exams, a proper planning and efforts need to put up. Most of the students don’t make any plan for exams either in the fear of failure or lack of awareness to prepare it simultaneously. It is not possible to achieve success in both board exams and entrance exams hence a proper planning is required to get successes.

Tips on How to make proper preparation between board exam and entrance exam

Since we have already understood the importance of planning to achieve success in both board exams and competitive entrance exams. Now, let us know how can you find the striking balance between these two without deviating from any one exam.

Plan your study: Often we neglect the importance of ample time at the beginning of our academic session then regret it later. We suggest you plan your study in such a way right from starting where you spend few hours daily to NCERT Books at least 3-4 days in a week if not possible daily due to tuition or other commitments. While studying from NCERT books ensure that you read every topic extensively.

You should have the syllabus of competitive exams cross check form the syllabus there and study those topics intensively in-depth spending extra hours which will also be covered in competitive entrance exams. In that way, you will be prepared yourself for upcoming board exams and competitive entrance exams simultaneously. The key is to plan your study right from the start.

Concentrate on Same Topics: While going through the syllabus of board exams and entrance exams, you will notice the most of the topics will be the same. Keep those separately and make the list of those topics. Study the common topics with extra caution and concentration. If school or coaching is teaching the common topic then build an understanding of the topic form fundamental level and grow your understanding further.

Take help of other reference books once you understand the basic concept. Solve previous year question type and practice it to get acquainted.

Avoid and Distraction and Stress-Free: We live in such a world where you will find everything in the world as a distraction which will deviate you from the study and break your concentration. More common distractions are social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Avoid using all such distractions at least 3 months before the exam time.

During preparation and exam time you will hear much stuff around which can stress you and hamper your focus in turn whole process of preparation. We suggest you stay calm and don’t give a heed about surrounding.

Conclusion: We understand there’s a great amount of difficulty in preparing board exams and entrance exams simultaneously but the above-mentioned tips and information will help you immensely.

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